One of the most popular driveway surface options available is block paving, as it’s a durable surface material that provides a cost-effective way to really enhance the look of your home. If you’re wondering how to go about looking after and cleaning your block paving in the best way, we’ve got some advice right here for you.

The basics of cleaning block paving

  • Use a quality broom and a strong detergent to clean the block paving
  • It’s a good idea to use weed preventative, simply apply it between the joints of the paving to keep your driveway looking its best.
  • If you decide to use a power washer, make sure you angle it at thirty degrees and spray diagonally on a medium pressure.
  • Ensure you always rinse away any cleaning products you’ve used on the paving. And consider re-sanding or re-pointing any joints if needed.

What about stains and spillages?

Different stains and spillages can unfortunately occur on your driveway surface, and they require different treatments. When treating a spillage or stain, it’s important that you carry the application of the treatment out on a small section of the affected area to begin with. And of course ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Focus on establishing the source of any staining that you notice. For example, the rust on iron gutters, and take steps to repair it sooner rather than later. Taking action early will help you to avoid further staining and possible damage to your paving. 

Treating the paving with chemicals and acids

When it comes to treating your block paving with chemicals or acids, it’s important that you:
  • Wear protective clothing.
  • Make sure you have sufficient ventilation when using any chemicals.
  • Use extra care to avoid damaging or staining adjoining material.
  • Remember to always add acid to water and not the other way around when diluting any acids.
  • Safely dispose of any clothing that has been stained with chemicals. 
  • Always keep the operating area as safe as possible, ensuring there are no hazards for those working in the surrounding area.
  • Dispose of any excess run off material.

Block paving maintenance

A general clean can work wonders for maintaining your block paving. As mentioned, simply use a good quality broom and a good detergent followed by the application of a proprietary weed preventative. As this helps to restrict the ingress of weeds between joints, which can affect the paving’s long-term durability. Also, make sure that you thoroughly rinse the surface after using any cleaning products, and channel the run-off to suitable drainage points. When cleaning, inspect the integrity of all the paving joints, and re-sand or re-point any damaged joints if necessary. We’ll be more than happy to offer you our advice and/or ideas and work with you to plan and design the perfect surface for your driveway. Our friendly experts can visit your property and provide you with a free quotation - feel free to contact us with your requirements on 01952 840 838 or [email protected]
Published: December 2020

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When it comes to choosing the driveway that’s going to be the most suitable for your home, it’s no surprise that like many others, you’ll see this as a daunting task. There’s a lot of factors to take into consideration, and you’ll need to carefully consider your options in order to choose the right driveway to meet your exact requirements. To help you out, we’ve got a few insights to help you make an informed decision. 

Resin bound driveways

Resin bound driveways can offer you a range of benefits. Such as the fact they can immediately provide your home with a more modernised aesthetic, which really enhanced the appearance of your overall property. This type of driveway surface can come in a variety of colours and blends, meaning you can customise it to fit your landscaping perfectly and bring out the best of your home. If you choose resin bound, you’ll also discover that there will be no drainage problems with this surface option. This is because it actually allows water to drain through it, so that puddles cannot form on your driveway. This driveway type is also relatively cost effective, quick to install, and is very low maintenance. If you’re considering this surface option, remember that the type of resin you need can vary depending on what you’re after. For example, if you’re after a darker finish, then UV protection will already be taken care of with a darker stone. However, if you want a lighter resin finish, be careful to use a resin that offers UV protection. And think about how much traffic your driveway experiences, like footfall and tires. Resin is very durable, so it will be a good fit unless your driveway has large or heavy vehicles frequently accessing it.

Tarmac driveways 

Tarmac, bitmac or asphalt driveways are one of the most commonly used. This is due to how easy they are to install and the benefits that come with this surface type. It’s an extremely cost effective way to enhance your whole home, and can usually be installed within a single day. It’s also highly durable and can last for years if you maintain properly. One main drawback is if you have a driveway that’s quite small or awkwardly shaped. If it’s not installed correctly by professionals and if it’s also not properly maintained, it can lead to cracked surfaces and poor drainage fairly quickly. When it’s maintained and installed correctly there shouldn't be any issues like this. Tarmac could be the right surface solution for your driveway if you’re searching for something cheap, quick and effective. 

Block paving driveways

Block paving has turned into one of the most popular surface options over the last few years. This is mainly down to the wide range of block choices there is available. The sheer amount of colours, patterns etc and the different ways that it can be laid, make this surface option very appealing to many.  It’s also incredibly long lasting, rivaling even tarmac driveways. It’s easy to maintain and can be easily repaired to look as good as new. However, it can take longer to install and tends to be a more costly option. This is because block paving involves hand selecting a range of blocks, and then levelling the ground in order to create the best effect. If you have the desire and budget though, this surface option can be one of the most visually enhancing. We’ll be more than happy to offer you our advice and/or ideas and work with you to plan and design the perfect surface for your driveway. Our friendly experts can visit your property and provide you with a free quotation - feel free to contact us with your requirements on 01952 840 838 or [email protected]
Published: November 2020

The work was completed to a very high standard, in a very short time with the minimum of noise and disruption to residents.

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Resin bound and tarmac paving are two hugely popular choices of driveway surface material, and are commonly used in car parks and private driveways. Despite their equal popularity the two surface options are actually quite different. If you’re currently deciding between the two, we wanted to go through these differences so that you can make the most informed decision.

What is a resin bound surface?

This is a really unique type of surface material, which essentially acts as a glue or adhesive, that works to bind itself together, in order to create a smooth and perfectly even driveway surface. As opposed to a tarmac surface, which is a specific type of material in and of itself, resin can actually be customised. You can tailor resin to have different colour combinations and materials. A resin bound driveway surface is usually created from a combination of gravel, stone, marble and other various rock types. Resin can also be manipulated to craft various designs, such as logos, which makes it ideal for both a personal driveway surface and for a company car park. The surface allows water to drain away easily, it’s also incredibly long lasting and highly durable. It’s easy to adhere to any existing surface as well, which means vehicles are able to easily and frequently drive across it. 

What is a tarmac surface?

This type of driveway surface material is actually made up of a combination of tar and stone. It’s very durable and is able to endure extensive amounts of pressure on a frequent basis, which is just one reason why it’s such a popular choice for private driveways and car parks. The fact that this surface material is a combination of small broken stone and tar pieces makes it incredibly easy and quick to lay. When laid by experienced driveway surface professionals, tarmac can be the perfect flat surface for vehicles to frequently drive over.  It’s also one of the most malleable choices of surface material around, and it can be laid on its own or on top of other materials, such as concrete. This can be very beneficial when you want to create an even more long lasting flat surface that’s ideal for footfall and vehicles. 

Which of these surfaces is right for you?

In truth, both of these driveway surface options are great choices, which can make choosing between them very difficult. It’s important to carefully assess your specific requirements, as both options are highly durable and simple to lay. Tarmac may be ideal if you’re looking for a surface option that’s more budget friendly, whereas resin bound can be great if you’re looking for something you can really customise with different colour and design options.  For more information, our experts at Premier Surfacing can provide you with all you need to know when it comes to driveway surface options. If you don’t know where to start with resin bound, tarmac or any other surface option, simply get in touch We’ll be more than happy to offer you our advice and/or ideas and work with you to plan and design the perfect surface for your property. We’ll be happy to visit your property and provide you with a free quotation.
Published: November 2020

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It’s not an easy decision to choose the patio paving that will be ideally suited to your patio. There are many great options out there, and it’s always advisable to do your research and really consider your choice, in order to select the perfect paving.  At Premier Surfacing, we offer a variety of different patio paving types for you to choose from, including imprinted concrete and block paving. However, when it comes to choosing something that is ideally suited to the more adverse conditions of the darker, colder winter season - resin bound paving is a surface solution that’s particularly effective.

So why exactly is this paving option so well suited to the winter months?

It’s weather resistant and extremely porous 

The colder season brings with it plenty of downpours, which also can result in puddles and frequent flooding. Certain surfaces can have a tendency to form spots of ponding water, such as tarmac.  However, with resin bound paving, water can be absorbed into the ground quickly and easily. This is because this type of surface material is extremely porous and can allow any moisture to dissipate right through it.  Puddles are therefore prevented from forming, which means that ice can also be prevented during the cold months of winter. Of course this helps to reduce the risk of someone slipping or, creating a safer patio surface for those walking over it.

It’s got inherent anti-slip properties

Slipping can be a big cause for concern on any surface, including patios - but thankfully, the aggregate bound upper layer gives resin bound paving a stoney quality. This creates a surface that is able to assist with traction whilst walking across it.   This type of paving has natural anti-slip qualities, which are superior to other surface solutions. And whatever the weather, it will provide you with an effective and safe high friction surface.

It can be installed quickly & requires minimal maintenance

If you’d like to choose resin-bound paving for your patio, the good news is that it can be installed incredibly quickly. And can generally be used after just one day of being laid by professional surfacing specialists.  This type of patio paving is also very low maintenance, mainly due to the UV-stable resin that binds the natural aggregates together. Creating a much stronger surface material that prevents weed growth and stops stones from coming loose. It should also last you for many winters, as it usually stays in great condition for between 15 to 25 years, but this will depend on the quality of the stone and installation. If you’re looking to get the perfect paving for your patio but don’t know where to start, then please get in touch with us for a free quotation and expert advice today, on 01952 840 838.
Published: November 2020

Please pass my thanks onto all the men involved with the project of transforming our driveway and patio. They did a fantastic job and ensured that they represented Premier Surfacing with the greatest professionalism.

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With autumn approaching and winter soon to follow, it’s time to give your driveway a quick once over, and have a little check just to see if it needs some TLC. Driveways that have been installed by experienced surfacing specialists will last for years, but eventually even the best driveways will need some due care and attention. So here’s how you can determine whether yours needs some care, with these tell-tale signs…

Un-appealing aesthetics

One of the most obvious signs that your driveway needs some more care and attention, is if it’s aesthetic appeal has dropped a little. Ask yourself, does it look good? What does it look like from the curb?  Sometimes it can help to look at it as if it wasn’t your home, and ask yourself what you’d think of it. If it’s looking worn or is showing some minor cracks, this can be hugely detrimental to the curb appeal of your property, not to mention the overall look of your home. Perhaps the surface has faded from the sunlight, or is uneven in parts, if so this can be a sign of problems beneath the surface of the driveway. If it’s not looking aesthetically pleasing, you deserve a driveway that does, so it’s probably time for a new one.   

Potholes have appeared 

With certain driveway surfaces, such as asphalt, potholes can start to form as the surface begins to age. This happens when the ground underneath eventually becomes weaker, as a result of consistently expanding and contracting over time. Using vehicles a lot on the surface can also contribute to this. Potholes can look terrible but they are also dangerous, and can turn into a serious hazard for those walking on the driveway. Opting to repave the driveway can easily solve this problem.   

Pools of water are gathering

If you notice that after heavy rainfall, there’s been an accumulation of water and pool forming on your driveway, it’s important to know that this isn’t normal. Pools of water forming is a sure sign that there are underlying problems and drainage issues. So it’s essential that this is addressed as soon as possible, as issues, especially with drainage, can soon escalate and cause further damage that can spread to your whole property.  

Your driveway is fairly old

If your driveway is more than twenty five years old, and you've never had it repaved or had maintenance carried out, then the chances are it’s time that you did. Every driveway will have a maximum driveway, no matter the surface, even if they are well maintained with a seal coating etc.  If your driveway is showing any of these signs, and you’re considering a repave for your driveway surface, or you’re simply looking for a reputable surfacing specialists who can help you get your dream driveway - contact Premier Surfacing today on 01952 840 838.  
Published: November 2020

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With everything going on currently it’s no surprise that many have put something like revamping their driveway on the backburner. However, if you’re considering an upgrade, there’s plenty of benefits to be gained by doing so - especially when you choose trusted, reputable and reliable driveway surface experts.

So what are the benefits?

  • Added value to your home - Whether you’re planning on moving property or living at your current address for the foreseeable, upgrading your driveway can increase the value of the whole house. The exterior is just as important as the interior, and a great looking, well-built driveway can add as much as 1% to the value of the house.
  • Enhanced aesthetics - Driveways have come a long way in terms of sheer looks too. With much more surface options to choose from that can really improve the curb appeal. From intricate designs that make use of block paving or classic understated styles that utilise pattern imprinted concrete - an upgraded driveway can make an amazing aesthetic difference.
  • Increased safety - A driveway that’s suffered its fair share of wear and tear, or that’s heavily degraded can be just as unsafe as it is unsightly. Cracks, weed growth and sunken areas are just a few of the potential hazards. By upgrading and resurfacing your driveway you’ll eliminate these issues, improving safety and ensuring you’re far less likely to have an accident.
  • Better durability - A fully upgraded driveway that’s been resurfaced and installed by experts will last for years. Our experts install driveways that not only look great but are designed to last, with highly-durable surfaces. Meaning it will safe you on maintenance in the long run too.
At Premier Surfacing, we offer a fast, efficient and cost-effective resurfacing service for your driveway. So if you’re considering an upgrade that gives you more value, better aesthetic appeal, an increase to safety around the home and will last a long time -  contact our team today on 01952 840 838.
Published: August 2020

The work was completed to a very high standard, in a very short time with the minimum of noise and disruption to residents.

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It’s great to be able to park outside your home, but in reality people often struggle to find a spot outside their property to park, even with a permit. In order to solve this issue, many choose to turn their front lawn into a driveway, to give themselves the space they’ve always needed, that’s fully theirs and free to use. Of course choosing the right driveway surfacingto create this new driveway is essential to getting the space you really want. But will transforming your lawn work well for you?

The advantages of getting a new driveway

It can be stressful not knowing whether you’ll be able to park outside your home, plus having to park on the road can turn out to be expensive when you have to pay. By having your own driveway, these issues will be eliminated and you’ll have a reliable and more secure place to park. There will also be far less chance of another vehicle causing damage by knocking into yours. Of course with a brand new driveway you’ll have created a space that’s exclusively available to you. Gone will be the days when you come home to find someone has blocked you in, or you can’t get a space. A brand new driveway that’s been installed by experienced professionals will also add value to your property. It will enhance it aesthetically, and also increase its sale value due to the consistent high demand for spaces to park - plus there’s many more fantastic benefits.

How much will it cost me?

If your wondering about the cost of installing a brand new driveway where your front lawn used to be, then there’s just a few factors you need to consider, including:
  • The size you wish the new driveway to be.
  • The materials you want to build it with.
  • And the cost of labour.
There’s also other considerations such as the current condition of your front lawn, which can affect any work that needs to be done before installation can begin. The best way to get a completely accurate idea of how much your new driveway will cost though, is to speak to trusted and reliable experts - who can provide you with a completely free quotation. At Premier Surfacing, we’ll help you to choose the most suitable surface material to create your dream driveway, while taking into account your exact requirements and budget. We operate in all areas throughout Shropshire - just give us a call and we'll be happy to help.
Published: July 2020

The work was completed to a very high standard, in a very short time with the minimum of noise and disruption to residents.

Mr Taft

A driveway that requires very little maintenance is a dream come true for both homeowners and those in the commercial sphere. Some driveway types require much more maintenance than others, taking up both time and money to stay looking fresh. If you’re looking for driveway material that once it’s down, you can pretty much leave to its own devices, here are our top picks for you.

Imprinted concrete driveways

Imprinted concrete driveways require very little maintenance and a huge advantage of this material is that you’re very very unlikely to get any weeds growing through, compared with something like block paving. This is because there aren’t actually any spaces or gaps for the weeds to break through as the name suggests, concrete is laid and then a pattern is simply imprinted upon it before it dries.

At Premier Surfacing, we offer a wide variety of pattern imprinted concrete paving styles to suit any property. Be it modern, traditional or contemporary. Our surveyor will offer you advice on design, layout and technical aspects of the installation. We also provide a 5 year guarantee depending on the work carried out.

Resin-bound driveways

Resin bound driveways are another great example of low maintenance driveways and again, weeds should not be a problem with resin driveways providing the surface is kept clean. All you need to do is jet wash or a hose clean and swept to ensure the surface remains looking tip-top.

Resin bound driveways are ideal for spaces which are on an incline where you still want that gravelly vibe. They are a great alternative to tarmac, blocks, slabs and concrete paving and the inherent texture of bonded gravel makes it the ideal choice for non-slip and anti-skid surfaces. Another added advantage is that, during dry weather, there isn’t the issue that’s commonly found with gravel driveways of dust being kicked up by cars.

Resin bondingcan be more expensive than other types of driveways so that’s something to keep in mind when deciding which option to choose.

We are specialists in resin bound driveways, patios and footways and these types of driveways are popular because they’re both attractive and durable.

For low maintenance driveways that look great and will stand the test of time, contact Premier Surfacing today: [email protected] / 01952 840 838

Published: June 2020

Please pass my thanks onto all the men involved with the project of transforming our driveway and patio. They did a fantastic job and ensured that they represented Premier Surfacing with the greatest professionalism.

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What are weeds?

"A plant in the wrong place"

A weed is technically any plant that grows where it’s not wanted! Plants that are considered undesirable in a particular situation i.e. in the cracks between block paving, on gravel paths or driveways are classed as weeds.

There are varying types of weed, but things they all have in common include:

  • Quick growers with abundant reproduction
  • Rapid establishment and spread
  • The ability to spread in areas disturbed by human activity
  • Seeds which can lay dormant for long periods of time
  • A resilience and hardiness 

Which weeds are most common on driveways?

Some of the most commonly found weeds on hard surfaces such as driveways include:

  • Dandelions
  • Plantain
  • Meadow grass
  • Couch grass
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Creeping buttercup

Border plants that have self-seeded in the wrong place may also require control on paths and driveways.

Stopping weeds on concrete driveways

Prevention is always better than cure and so when laying a new concrete driveway, putting two sheets of weed control or landscape fabric underneath will stop weeds from growing through the concrete. Your driveway should be sloped to allow water to run off and drain away - weeds love damp conditions!

If you find that weeds have grown through your concrete driveway, then it’s a case of pulling them up as and when and grabbing as much of the root as possible/ You’ll then have to treat the area with a commercial weed killer.

If you’re worried about the environment and have pets to consider, boiling water and vinegar can also do the trick.

Stopping weeds on paved driveways

When you see weeds on paved driveways, they aren’t growing up from beneath the surface.  Instead, they’re growing from seeds that have blown into the sand used to fill the gaps between paving stones.  Weeds will thrive if dirt is allowed to build up in the gaps so it’s important to regularly maintain your paved driveway with regular brushing and washing, and by using a sealant and weed killer before they arrive.

Stopping weeds on resin bonded driveways 

Resin bonded driveways pride themselves on being weed resistant.  Because the resin is put on top of concrete or asphalt, there’s no space for weeds to grow through it.  Sometimes weeds can grow on the surface but can be prevented by regular surface cleaning and brushing.

Looking for a new driveway? We provide commercial and residential driveways in Staffordshire and specialise in concrete, paving and resin bonding. Contact us today for more information.

Published: May 2020

Please pass my thanks onto all the men involved with the project of transforming our driveway and patio. They did a fantastic job and ensured that they represented Premier Surfacing with the greatest professionalism.

Mr G Talbot
Edmond, Shropshire

Asphalt and tarmac driveways are a popular choice for many reasons. They’re low maintenance, ideal for any size or shape driveway, are flexible and durable and are extremely cost-effective for larger areas.

Despite them being low maintenance and durable, asphalt and tarmac do get hot during increased temperatures for a couple of reasons. First of all because they are black in colour they absorb more heat and asphalt actually stores the heat as well. And secondly, because they’re oil based, when the oil products heat up, their good thermal abilities mean they stay hot for longer periods of time.

If you want to protect your driveway during the summer months here are some tips for taking care of it when the weather heats up!

Remember your sealant

One thing to note about hot weather is that it’s the ideal time to seal your asphalt driveway as the heat allows the sealer to bond better to the surface. Additionally, because the sealant runs thinner when it’s hotter, it allows it to get deeper into the small cracks and bond much better.

There are a few different types of sealant you can use to protect your driveway against the elements. Seal coat is an anti-oxidation solution which prevents the surfaces from looking worn and can slow the ageing process. Slurry seal is similar, except it contains aggregate.

Get out the hose

It’s a good idea to periodically cool down your asphalt or tarmac driveway with your hose. Cool water will reduce the temperature of your driveway and it’s also handy to help you identify any problems with your driveway such as pooling water due to an uneven surface.

Be mindful of indentations

During hot weather tarmac and asphalt driveways can become susceptible to damage from objects that apply pressure in one uneven area, causing indentations. For example, trailer jockey wheels, ladders and vehicle jacks. Take extra precautions when using these on your driveway and avoid using them during the hottest parts of the day.

At Premier Surfacing we’re experts in laying professional tarmac & asphalt driveways for both residential and commercial properties. For more information about driveway care or to enquire about getting a new driveway contact us today.

Published: May 2020

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