4 Advantages Of Having A Basalt Driveway
Choosing the right surface for your driveway is a big decision because it will impact your property for years to come. The best types of surface are durable and attractive, making basalt a good choice. Basalt is a igneous rock that makes up the Earth’s oceanic crust. It has a natural, dark look that makes it stand out. It’s an ideal material for your driveway and we’ve put together a list of four advantages to have a basalt driveway.

High durability

Basalt forms oceanic plates, making it one of the densest materials in the world. This means it has a high degree of durability and won’t break down easily. Your basalt driveway will be resistant to weather conditions and is unlikely to be scuffed by people walking over it on a regular basis.

An attractive surface

Basalt is a naturally occurring material with a black and gray colour palette. Basalt provides a glossy and smooth appearance. The dark tinge will add a hint of sophistication to your property. There’s a uniqueness to basalt that sets it apart from more common materials like concrete and asphalt. The attractiveness of basalt could possibly bring added value to a house if you planned to sell it one day.

UV resistant

Basalt is formed under high pressure and heat. This means a basalt surface is highly resistant against UV light. During a hot summer, your basalt driveway won’t show any sun damage. In addition to being sun resistant, basalt is resistant to acids and strong alkali liquids.

Low maintenance

The long-lasting nature of basalt makes it a low maintenance driveway material. A power wash is enough to keep it clean. Surface irritants like dirt and snow can be removed with ease because of the durability of basalt. At Premiere Surfacing, we offer a range of driveway materials. We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that you find the material that is best suited to your preferences. For more information contact us on 01952840838.
Published: July 2018

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