4 Plants That Can Be Suitable For Your Gravel Driveway

Perhaps you’ve recently paved over your front garden to make room for your car, or maybe you’ve had a gravel driveway that’s been crying out for some extra colour for a while; either way your driveway can certainly be spruced up a little with some suitable plants.

Of course, it pays to choose plants that are resilient to being stepped on, and that can also thrive in either sun or shade. Luckily, there’s a fair few plants out there that can grow well in gravel and enhance the overall look of your driveway. With this in mind, we’ve got 4 of the best examples right here...

Bugle ‘Ajuga reptans’

Popular with bumblebees, Bugle is ideal for planting in a gravel driveway. The evergreen perennial, with its deep blue flower spikes can flourish in the shady areas of your driveway. Any sun spots on the surface of your driveway will naturally keep it under control as it spreads, and the plant can easily recover from the occasional trampling.

Sedum spathulifolium ‘Purpureum’

Even if the soil underneath your gravel driveway isn’t the best, there are still some plants that can cope; such as Sedum. This reddish plant with its thick fleshy leaves is pretty much content to grow anywhere where there’s some sun, and that’s been well drained.

Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens

This flowering plant is one of the best suited to a gravel driveway. Its long slender foliage perfectly complements the pale brown colours of a gravel driveway. The plant can easily extend itself under gravel, causing beautiful shoots to pop out. It can also recover from trampling too.

Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea’

Another plant that can thrive on those areas of your driveway that are more prone to shade, is the plant known as the Golden Creeping Jenny. This evergreen perennial, with its buttercup yellow flowers, can grow vigorously, even over paving slabs. It’s a beautiful groundcover plant that will certainly stand out as it snakes along your driveway.

Altering the look of your driveway with some plants can really add to its aesthetic value, but so can changing up the surface of the driveway itself. We provide specialist driveway services that can help to improve the appearance of your property.

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Published: May 2019

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