5 Block Paving Patterns To Use For Your Driveway
When it comes to choosing the right kind of surface for your driveway, block paving is one of the best options. Not only is it cost-effective and environmentally sustainable, block paving is also incredibly versatile. There are a number of styles and patterns that can be used, ranging from a mixed colour design to intricate layers. As block paving specialists, we have plenty of experience with creating bespoke driveways, so we’ve come up with a list of five designs to consider:

Basket weave

The basket weave is one of the most common and simplistic patterns. It’s best suited to a driveway with a long, straight edge and there’s little cutting involved. Different colours can be utilised with the basket weave design for a more eye-catching style.

Herringbone at 90 degrees

Considered the easiest form of block paving to put down, this specific type of herringbone pattern is laid at a 90 degree angle. The paving is installed through the use of a straight-edged timber rail. This method also allows for half a block to be used each time, meaning you’ll be able to use anything that’s leftover.

Herringbone at 45 degrees

This is the most difficult kind of pattern to install, due to the angle. Unlike the 90 degree variant, the 45 degrees uses up an entire block when it’s put down. This leaves a lot of waste behind. The first few blocks need to be correctly lined up so the pattern direction is straight.

Mixed colour

A good way of achieving a unique driveway is by mixing different coloured blocks together. You could have a darker block to offset a brighter one, providing an interesting contrast. A multi-coloured pattern works with a herringbone and standard design.


One of the most intricate kind of block paving designs is a diamond pattern. If you’re looking to be creative, then there are plenty of variations to choose from with diamond block paving. The colour of the diamond is usually the same colour as the border paving. This is done to showcase the specific shape and make the driveway stand out. At Premier Surfacing, our experienced staff are on hand to work with you every step of the way to make sure you have the right kind of block paving. We cover a range of areas, including Staffordshire, Cheshire and Stoke. For more information call us on 01952 840 838.
Published: April 2018

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