5 Creative Ideas For Sprucing Up Your Driveway
In terms of space and appearance, the driveway is one of the most important parts of a property. Not only is it a place to park your car, it acts as a decorative fixture for the home as well. There’s an opportunity to make the driveway stand out and be more pleasing to the eye. Of course, the size and shape of the driveway will determine what you can do, but we’re listing five creative ways to make the area more appealing.

Plant flowers and foliage

One of the easiest ways to make your driveway shine is by adding flowers or small trees. It’ll provide a sense of colour and contribute to a unique design. You could think about the kind of flowers that would compliment the colour of the driveway surface. This might look best in a rock garden format and it will blend seamlessly with the rest of the driveway. When choosing the kind of flowers you want to incorporate, you’ll want to think about longevity and the climate you’re living in.

Make use of stone sculptures

If you decide on a rock garden, then adding stone carvings is a great way to provide more diversity to the driveway. You could combine large and small rocks for a tasteful contrast. Gravel stone can also be used to spruce you the driveway because it comes in different colours. You could spread it out and generate a quirky colour scheme.

Add solar lights

Another interesting way to make the driveway stand out is by adding solar lighting. It can alter the mood and provide greater visibility at night, which would come in handy when you’re parking up. There’s the added benefit of alerting people where to walk and where not to walk if you have a garden as well.

Install a trellis

Combining a trellis or fence with fast growing vines can create a centrepiece for the driveway. It’ll add a touch of green and a trellis is a good option for homes that don’t have enough space for a front garden. It can also divert attention away from an otherwise bare looking driveway.

Change the shape

Altering the shape of the driveway is another great way to be creative. There’s various ways you could do this, such as adding curves or mosaics in the material to add a sense of luxury.  It’s down to the space available in the driveway so think about whether it’s practical or not before committing to a total refurbishment. We provide specialist driveway services that can help to improve the appearance of your property. For more information contact us on 01952 840 838.
Published: February 2018

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Anita Hancock