5 Ways You Can Tell Your Driveway Needs Some Attention
There’s the old saying that "the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining" and the same can be said for driveways. With autumn and winter approaching, it’s time to take a look at your driveway and see if it needs some TLC. Here are 5 ways you can determine whether your driveway could do with some due care and attention.

No Curb Appeal

One of the first signs that your driveway could do with a revamp is just by looking at its aesthetic. Does it look appealing? Take a look from the curb and see what it looks like from there. If it wasn’t your home what would you think? Is it worn? Shabby? Does it have minor cracks? If your driveway has no curb appeal it’s detrimental to the look of your home as a whole. Maybe it has faded from sunlight, is uneven from parked on for lengthy periods of time, perhaps you’ve never had your driveway done. Whatever the issue, if it doesn’t look good it’s time for a new one.


If you have an asphalt driveway, once it starts to age, potholes can appear. This is due to the ground underneath becoming weak from expanding and contracting. And if you have a lot of vehicle usage on your driveway then this can contribute too. Not only are potholes unsightly but they can be dangerous to those walking on the driveway, causing trips and falls. And if left untreated they simply continue to get worse. By repaving you can nip the problem in the bud.<

Pools of Water

A lot of people assume that during heavy rain, it’s completely normal for their driveways to collect pools of water. However, that’s not the case. Pools of water on your driveway can be a sign of drainage issues which should be addressed as soon as possible. If you have drainage issues, and you don’t resolve them, they can escalate and cause damage to only your driveway, but your property too.

Erosion & Unevenness

It’s something that can happen to all driveways and is simply a sign of an old and well-used driveway. Common areas for erosion and unevenness include the edges and where the natural flow of foot track falls, as well as anywhere that heavy vehicles sit for long stretches of time. Erosion can lead to much more serious driveway damage if left untreated and can also be a hazard. Similarly, uneven patches can be a sign of problems beneath the surface of the driveway.

The Age of The Driveway

If you’ve lived in your current house for 25 years and have never had the driveway paved or done, chances are, it’s time! The previous owners may have not had the driveway done for a while before they sold either. Asphalt driveways have a lifespan of between 12 and 25 years if they are well-maintained but that will include a seal coating every 3 years after the initial installation. Similarly, concrete should last for about 20 years if properly cared for.

If you’re driveway is showing any of these signs then give us a call. We’re specialists in driveways in Staffordshire.

Published: September 2017

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