6 of The Best Driveways of Our Dreams
When the team at Premier Surfacing go to bed at night we dream about many things; a world without suffering, an end to all wars, a fair and equal society… but then our sub-conscious kicks in and the mind wanders to dreaming about  the best  driveways in the world. Seriously. If you win the lottery next week, or if Grandma has sent you a particularly generous Christmas cheque, perhaps you’ll consider   one of these magnificent driveways which even Scrooge McDuck himself would consider a little over the top.

The Glow In The Dark Driveway

This stunning driveway looks like something you’d see in the Avatar extended edition, where the Premier Surfacing team rock up to Pandora and offer the Na’vi a really good deal on the drive running up to their tree-top semi-detached dwelling. Despite appearances to the contrary, these glow in the dark pebbles (sometimes used in fish tanks) are actually eco-friendly. Unless you count blinding all the local badgers; which we don’t.

The Heated Driveway

If you’ve ever experienced the warm toasty feeling of walking on a heated floor then you’ll know what this feels like already. Obviously the main benefit of an under-driveway heating system is to keep snow and ice at bay, but you can’t deny yourself the pleasures of walking outside barefoot and baking those tooties a little. I wonder if you can fry an egg on them? If you’ve got a heated driveway, why not try that and send us a picture.

The Living Driveway

No we’re not talking about a driveway which comes to life and runs around, because not only would that be inconvenient, it would also be the single worst Transformer since the one that turned into a tape recorder. A living driveway involves a permeable design which allows foliage to grow through in certain areas, and if well-maintained it can provide your home with a unique and natural appearance. By the way, just letting moss grow in between the cracks of your asphalt does not count as a living driveway.

The Vehicle Turntable Driveway

Too lazy to park your car the right way round? Or do you just want to really confuse the neighbourhood cats? If so, then a vehicle turntable driveway could be the one for you. Comprising of a manual or mechanical subterranean mechanism, a driveway turntable can be blended into the design of your existing driveway design to make it as natural looking as possible. Alternatively you could buy two and paint them to look like a set of DJ decks, but that may look a little gawdy.

The Stealth Garage Driveway

Many men of a certain age like to buy themselves an Aston Martin, a set of aviator sunglasses, and drive around the country pretending they’re James Bond. But now there’s an even better way to imitate 007, which doesn’t even require a tuxedo. The Stealth Garage Driveway neatly stores your automobile beneath the ground, in either its own little compartment, or as a means of accessing your own underground lair. Not only is this set up rather nifty, it also makes it harder for criminals to steal your car…unless you live on the turf of a notorious gang of car-thieving moles.

The Beautiful View Driveway

Who says a driveway actually has to be on the ground? Whilst the actual materials and look of this driveway aren’t anything special, the view it leads to most certainly is. It juts out of the property and onto a platform which takes in a landscape so beautiful, you’ll want to lie down and start spooning your car while gazing at the landscape. Don’t stay there for too long though, otherwise you’ll end up on one of those Channel 5 documentaries. And no driveway is fancy enough to make up for that. Now, if you are actually considering a new driveway and none of these spectacular examples would fit in down your road get in touch, we can do normal..
Published: April 2017

We’re very happy our new imprinted concrete driveway, the quality of workmanship is second to none and we would not hesitate in recommending Premier Surfacing to all.

Anita Hancock