A Guide To Using Slate For Your Driveway
Deciding on the kind of material to use on your driveway is an important decision. Not only will it define how the driveway looks, the material could also factor into the overall value of your home. A versatile material to use is slate, due to the different kind of effects that can be achieved. For example, slate can take the form of gravel or special tiles that make a garden more visually appealing. We’ve put together a guide on how to make the most of slate as a surface material.

What kind of slate is there?

As a material, slate comes in a range of colours, which all depends on the region. A common colour is grey. Welsh slate tends to have a purple or blue shade, while Lake District slate has a green tint. Cornish slate comes in colours of rusty brown and gold.

How can slate to be used for you?

Slate is traditionally used for paving slabs, due to the weight and strength. The slabs are durable and non-porous, giving a driveway an elegant appearance. Another way slate can be utilised is by focusing on leftover fragments. By-products like shale and broken slabs are good for filling gaps or acting as top dressing. An emerging trend is for roofing slate to be added to a garden. This is done by using rows of slate set on their edge, acting as a decorative and practical feature. Not only does it make a garden more attractive, the slate serves an ecological purpose. The slate is recycled, creating a more sustainable environment.

What are the benefits of slate?

Slate is formed under extreme pressure, making it a highly durable material. This means it can withstand all kinds of weather, from cold snaps to heatwaves. Your driveway will remain pristine and attractive, thanks to the resiliency of slate. Installing slate is also a simple process. As the material is acid resistant, the driveway can be laid directly on level soil, eliminating the need for a sand foundation. Due to the range of colours, you’re bound to find an attractive kind of slate that will make your driveway look beautiful. At Premier Surfacing, we’re dedicated to helping you find your ideal driveway. For more information contact us on 01952 840 838.
Published: April 2018

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