Block Paving Designs
Block paving is perhaps one of the most versatile, long-term and cost-effective methods of surfacing your driveway or garden. Whether you want your home’s exterior to look simplistic, elegant or quirky, the possibilities are endless when it comes to block paving designs. Need some inspiration? Here are a few block paving designs to consider:

Break Tradition

If you’d like to embrace traditional patterns but you’re keen to put a unique spin on your driveway, consider using bricks that break the mould. The wavy bricks pictured below could be perfect for those looking to create a simple design with a softer feel.

Make a Statement

If you want your garden or driveway to stand out from the rest, why not use your block paving to make a statement? You could cover the majority of the surface in neutral bricks before creating a contemporary focal point like the design pictured below. If you’re adding a contemporary design like this to your garden, you could even place a table and chairs in the centre and plant pots all around the edges of your garden. If you fancy being a little more adventurous, you could go crazy and treat the surface like one giant mosaic. We love the design below as it reminds us of Gaudi’s mosaics in Barcelona. If you have children, they’ll love running around the garden and following the crazy patterns until they’re dizzy. That’s one way to keep them occupied!

Experiment With Colour

While neutral colours can help you create a sophisticated look, adding a splash of colour can really add an original touch to your driveway. In the picture below, bright colours have been mixed with white and grey to create a quirky feel with lots of character. We love how none of the bricks in this picture are perfect, making them look old and worn. If you’re a fan of all things vintage, this could be the look for you. If you want to use colour in a more organised way, this design could be more to your taste. This one reminds us of a race track, making it perfect for running rings around your neighbours. Although the design below might not go down too well with the neighbours if it’s placed on your driveway, it shows just how much fun can be had with block paving. A playful design like this could work well if placed in your back garden, particularly if you break it up with flowers and plants while neutralising it a little with minimal or rustic accessories. Your surfacing company is likely to have a wide range of designs to choose from to suit every taste.  But, if you have your own idea in mind, let them know so that you can work together to plan the design.
Published: April 2017

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