Breaking Down The Most Popular Types of Driveways in The UK
The type of driveway surface you choose can have a huge affect on the overall aesthetic and value of your house. The material used needs to be attractive in order to really stand out, but also durable, practical and of course cost effective. There’s an abundance of driveway types to choose from in the UK, which can mean that it’s often difficult to make a decision. So to make things a little easier, we wanted to quickly go through the most popular driveway types and surfaces that could help transform your home...  

Block paving

Block paving can consist of flags, slabs, or small concrete blocks, and it is one of the most popular driveway choice for many homeowners. This type of driveway surface is available in a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary designs. There’s always a variety of colours, textures and materials that surfacing specialists can use to provide you with the perfect driveway using block paving. Keep in mind, installation costs can sometimes be higher for this type of driveway, due to certain patterns that require precise laying.  

Resin bonding

Resin bound surfaces offer a more natural look for driveways, combined with a range of colour choices and flexibility. This surface type can transform the whole look of a home, thanks to the natural looking stone, which is also highly durable and water permeable. Resin bonding offers the convenience of quality, without the the price tag. It’s worth noting that this type of driveway surface can crack, and the top surface can move or lift up if not prepared correctly by experienced surfacing experts.  

Tarmac, Bitmac & Asphalt

If you’re looking to enhance your driveway on a budget, then tarmac, bitmac or asphalt can provide you with a cheaper alternative to the other popular driveway types. Generally these surface types have the advantage of being able to perfectly blend with the road outside your home. They can all provide a smooth and pristine look when applied correctly, although colour choices can be limited.  

Imprinted concrete

Pattern imprinted concrete driveway surfaces have been popular for decades, mainly because they can cater to those who desire either a modern, traditional or more contemporary design aesthetic. These decorative or stamped concrete surfaces have very long lifespans, and also have the added advantage of requiring very little maintenance. Although concrete can crack and isn’t water permeable, a reputable surfacing company will be able to take care of this, through implementing the necessary expansion joints and drainage requirements. Our highly experienced staff at Premier Surfacing are dedicated to helping you create your dream driveway. So if your driveway could use a makeover, then please contact us for a free quote today on 01952840838.
Published: October 2018

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Anita Hancock