Decorating a small patio for summer on a budget

Just because you have a smaller outdoor space doesn’t mean you always have to choose practicality over style. There’s plenty of affordable small patio decorating ideas that can help transform your petite space overnight.  Here’s some inspiration on how to make a small patio look bigger.

How to decorate a small patio with plants

Greenery is always a fantastic addition to a small patio, especially if you live in a city-centre apartment. Plants help rejuvenate what can otherwise be a plain space, allowing you to be around nature whenever you need a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. If your apartment has a paved balcony, use the ledge underneath to house a few small plants. This will make your small patio space more appealing to both you and your neighbours, brightening the exterior of your building.  When it comes to floor space, it’s best to start with a few potted plants to see what type of arrangement and placing works best. If it’s still looking bare, you can always add to your collection later on.  You could also try making your own flower pots and planters with upcycled furniture to add a touch of your own personality. 

Add lighting

Something as simple as fairy lights can make a small patio instantly feel bright and cosy. Try hanging a curtain of lights on an unused panel of your fence or wrap them around the beams of your pergola.  Outdoor string lights and lanterns are also great options to bring some charm to your small patio space. 

Use Reflection

Mirrors go a long way in creating the illusion of a bigger patio. Strategically placing one near any existing plants or flowers can create the impression that your flower bed spands even further than it does in reality. Angle your mirror just right and the sun will also bounce into any darker areas to brighten up your space.

Wall-mounted Displays

To avoid your patio floor becoming cluttered, consider accessorising your walls or fences. Vertical gardens, tall reaching plants, and foliage make for beautiful displays on a budget. 

Purchase foldable chairs

If you’re planning on inviting a couple of guests over during the summer, you’ll want to make them feel right at home. Foldable chairs are perfect for smaller patios as you can store them away until they’re next needed. Opt for neutral colours and complement with bright or patterned cushions and throws.

Bring in colour and texture

To keep your small patio fresh and cheerful, be sure to add a pop of colour to any furniture you already have. Bold throws, cushions, tablecloths, and plant pots can help bring a theme together, setting the patio apart from the rest of the garden.  If you’d like more advice on decorating your small patio to make it appear bigger, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  And if you’d like to change up your current design, our team specialise in small patio projects and will be more than happy to survey your outdoor space to create the patio you’ve always wanted. Simply call 01952 840 838, fill in a contact form, or email [email protected] to speak to one of our experts.
Published: June 2021

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