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There are lots of ways to get creative with driveway and patio designs beyond the standard tarmac or asphalt options. Both of these make for practical, long lasting quality surfaces, but there are plenty off opportunities beyond them to enhance the appearance of your home. Here are just a few ideas...

Choose A Different Base

Block Paving and Imprinted Concrete are two popular choices when it comes to designing unique patios and driveways. Block paving allows for a range of different designs, patterns and shapes in either a traditional or contemporary style. You can choose the colour, texture and material of your individual blocks to create a completely personalised and bespoke finish. The block paving can be as simple or as intricate as you like. The beauty is in the complete versatility it brings. Imprinted concrete is made by pouring concrete onto the area and then adding colour and a printed design whilst the concrete is still wet. You can choose from a range of designs, opting for the one that suits your home and personal taste.


Many homeowners are choosing to add lighting features to their patios and driveways for a number of reasons. First and foremost, the addition of lighting can help with safety and security, as illuminating your drive or patio can deter burglars and thieves. But in addition to helping keeping your property secure, lighting features also allow you to get creative with the exterior of your home. Options include overhead lighting, solar spotlights, rope lighting to line a walkway or coloured lighting to create a certain mood... The world is your oyster when it comes to lighting!

Get Creative With Your Features

Incorporating interesting or unusual features in your patio or driveway can allow you to achieve a really creative and attractive end result. Standing out from the crowd with the exterior of your home is never a bad thing, and there are so many different things you can add to achieve this. Whether it’s gravel pits, stone features, dedicated walkways, statues or whatever you want - let your imagination run wild! As domestic and commercial surfacing specialist we can help you create the patio or driveway of your dreams - however creative you want!  Contact Us today to get started.
Published: April 2017

We’re very happy our new imprinted concrete driveway, the quality of workmanship is second to none and we would not hesitate in recommending Premier Surfacing to all.

Anita Hancock