A Guide To Cellular Paving Systems
The material you use for the surface of your driveway can have a big impact on its overall appearance and practicality. Block paving and resin are popular materials, though there are less conventional substances that can make your driveway stand out. For example, a cellular paving system is ideal if you want to allow grass to grow and reduce flooding problems for certain organisms. But what kind of materials are used in a cellular paving system?

What is a cellular paving system?

The system is an eco-friendly option that combines plastic, gravel and grass together. They usually come in a hexagonal cell mesh that’s placed over an existing surface to provide a protective and environmentally sustainable layer. Once the mesh has been put down, the cells can be filled with soil or compost to facilitate a green atmosphere. There are a variety of cellular paving systems available.

How is the system constructed?

Construction methods will differ depending on the system, but there’s a similar pattern to follow. Foliage and topsoil needs to be removed to an exact depth and made level. Some systems may require a composite membrane to be put down, aiding drainage and ensuring that roots don’t go too far down. The sub-base should be a porous material and the laying course is likely to be grit sand to support the cellular structure.

What are the advantages?

A major advantage of a cellular system is that they are more environmentally friendly compared to hard surface driveways. As the mesh retains water it’s less likely for it to run straight into the drain, reducing the risk of flooding. A byproduct is that plant life will grow and create a more attractive driveway. A cellular paving system helps to prevent the loss of microhabitats for insects and the local bird population. As insects are a main food source, birds are more likely to gravitate to areas that have the system in place. Another advantage involves a cellular system not heating up in the summer compared to a regular driveway. As a result, it won’t release heat and contribute to the warming of the atmosphere. Cellular paving systems are becoming more popular due the ease of which they can be installed. At Premier Surfacing, we offer a range of services that can help to get your ideal driveway. Contact us today for a quote and more information.
Published: February 2018

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