How To Remove Weeds In Your Gravel Driveway
Gravel makes for a great material to use for your driveway, due to it being long-lasting and being easy to install. However, gravel is the kind of surface that can be plagued by weeds, leading to an unsightly appearance. Getting rid of weeds can be a time-consuming business, but there are a few ways to remove them. We’ve put together a guide on how to remove weeds from your gravel driveway.

What kind of weeds grow in gravel?

Before thinking about weed removal, it’s worth identifying the kind of plants that are growing in your driveway. There are three basic types of gravel weed: broadleaf, grassy and woody. Broadleaf These types of weeds have broad leaves with noticeable veins. Some of the most common are dandelions, henbit, purslane and chickweed. Grassy These weeds look like overgrown blades of grass. Featuring leaves that are long and thin, they grow parallel to each other. Common grassy weeds are velvetleaf and sandbur. Woody Woody weeds resemble small trees or shrubs and they shed their leaves during winter and grow again in spring. Mimosa and black locust are common examples of woody weeds.

What kind of removal methods are there?

The simplest kind of weed removal is to pull them out by hand, but this often won’t solve the problem because they’ll return in greater numbers. But you can reduce the number by pulling weeds that are just about to bloom. Salt is an effective method of weed removal, though you should be careful on the amount you use because it can sterilise the ground for years after. Dilute the salt with water and dish soap and then spray it over the gravel for good results. A chemical weed remover is the third option, but remember to research different types before choosing. Certain weed killers are harmful to people and the environment. A glyphosate weed killer is recommended because it’s effective in small doses, eradicating weeds down to the roots. Ideally, you would have installed a weed barrier for your gravel driveway. But if you didn’t, then you can still put one down after destroying all the weeds, as it will prevent more from growing in future. At Premier Surfacing, we’re dedicated to helping you find the right material for your driveway and offering maintenance advice. For more information be sure to call us on 01952 840 838.
Published: May 2018

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