How To Restore A Tarmac Driveway
Learning how to restore a tarmac driveway doesn’t have to be an expensive or lengthy task. In fact, you can quickly transform your worn-out driveway with a quality tarmac restorer, a roller, and a brush. Tarmac might be durable, but exposure to high temperatures over many summers can cause it to fade, soften, and become more vulnerable to damage, so it’s a good idea to know how to repair a tarmac driveway in advance.  Here’s everything you need to know on getting your tarmac driveway looking as good as new. 

How do you restore a tarmac driveway?

If the surface of your tarmac driveway is in relatively good condition (without severe cracks), you’ll be able to restore it back to a more attractive and consistent colour. Restoring a domestic tarmac driveway usually involves: 
  • Thoroughly cleaning the driveway and treating it with a Fungicidal Wash to remove any moss, weeds, and algae.
  • Sealing all cracks in the tarmac with bitumen paint. 
  • Applying a tarmac restorer with a roller. 

What does tarmac restorer do?

Tarmac restorer is an affordable surface coating specially formulated to make tired tarmac look just like new. It provides a durable, low sheen finish that protects the tarmac driveway from weathering, oil and petrol spills, and weed growth.  Not only does it protect your surface, the authentic results from a tarmac restorer will have your neighbours and visitors believing you’ve had a brand new driveway.

What type of roller should I use for a tarmac restorer?

When applying tarmac restorer, you’ll find a long pile roller will give the best results. And if any areas of your tarmac driveway are particularly rough, you could try using a masonry brush. This type of brush is also great to do the cutting in before you start with the roller.

Can you resurface a tarmac driveway?

Depending on the condition of your driveway, tarmac restorers don't always work. It therefore might be a good investment to have your tarmac driveway resurfaced or replaced by a professional, especially if you’ve moved into your forever home. This is something Premier Surfacing can help with. 

Does oil come out of tarmac?

Tarmac oil spills are really difficult to clean with the standard products you have around the house. Your best option is to look into purchasing a tarmac and asphalt oil stain remover and if this doesn’t work, contact a professional cleaning company. 

What is the best way to clean a tarmac driveway?

To avoid having to restore your tarmac driveway altogether, regular cleaning is essential. The best way to clean a tarmac driveway is to sweep off any debris and apply water at a low pressure. This is because using a jet washer can sometimes cause additional damage by removing loose stone chippings. For more advice on maintaining your tarmac driveway, please visit our hints and tips page. And if you’re interested in having a tarmac driveway installed, contact our team today. They are fully trained in the technique of handling and laying tarmac materials, quickly supplying the right driveway for you.
Published: August 2021

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