How to stop weeds growing through your driveway

What are weeds?

"A plant in the wrong place"

A weed is technically any plant that grows where it’s not wanted! Plants that are considered undesirable in a particular situation i.e. in the cracks between block paving, on gravel paths or driveways are classed as weeds.

There are varying types of weed, but things they all have in common include:

  • Quick growers with abundant reproduction
  • Rapid establishment and spread
  • The ability to spread in areas disturbed by human activity
  • Seeds which can lay dormant for long periods of time
  • A resilience and hardiness 

Which weeds are most common on driveways?

Some of the most commonly found weeds on hard surfaces such as driveways include:

  • Dandelions
  • Plantain
  • Meadow grass
  • Couch grass
  • Japanese knotweed
  • Creeping buttercup

Border plants that have self-seeded in the wrong place may also require control on paths and driveways.

Stopping weeds on concrete driveways

Prevention is always better than cure and so when laying a new concrete driveway, putting two sheets of weed control or landscape fabric underneath will stop weeds from growing through the concrete. Your driveway should be sloped to allow water to run off and drain away - weeds love damp conditions!

If you find that weeds have grown through your concrete driveway, then it’s a case of pulling them up as and when and grabbing as much of the root as possible/ You’ll then have to treat the area with a commercial weed killer.

If you’re worried about the environment and have pets to consider, boiling water and vinegar can also do the trick.

Stopping weeds on paved driveways

When you see weeds on paved driveways, they aren’t growing up from beneath the surface.  Instead, they’re growing from seeds that have blown into the sand used to fill the gaps between paving stones.  Weeds will thrive if dirt is allowed to build up in the gaps so it’s important to regularly maintain your paved driveway with regular brushing and washing, and by using a sealant and weed killer before they arrive.

Stopping weeds on resin bonded driveways 

Resin bonded driveways pride themselves on being weed resistant.  Because the resin is put on top of concrete or asphalt, there’s no space for weeds to grow through it.  Sometimes weeds can grow on the surface but can be prevented by regular surface cleaning and brushing.

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Published: May 2020

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