Should I Get Block Paving or Imprinted Concrete?
One of the most frequent questions we receive is whether block paving or pattern imprinted concrete is the right choice for patios and driveways. And of course the answer depends entirely on the project. To give a clearer picture of whether block paving or imprinted concrete is the right choice for your residential property, here’s an overview of both materials.  


Both offer the same amount of durability but because pattern imprinted concrete is monolithic it will not sink which is what can happen with block paving if a suitable sub base is not installed, or low quality slabs are used. However, the sealant on pattern imprinted concrete can deteriorate more quickly than usual if it sees a significant amount of traffic.  

Maintenance & Repair

Pattern imprinted concrete does not suffer from weed, moss or grass growth as there’s no space for the matter to push through. However, this can happen with block paving due to the nature of the installation and the tiny gaps between the blocks. For this reason block paving requires more maintenance to keep it looking good. Pattern imprinted concrete simply needs resealing every few years. On the other hand, block paving is much easier to repair as individual blocks can be replaced if they become cracked or broken. Pattern imprinted concrete is much trickier to repair and it can be difficult to repair small areas without it being extremely obvious and ruining the overall aesthetic. So it can become quite expensive to repair if the whole area needs to be redone.  

Aesthetic Quality

It could be argued that block paving delivers a superior aesthetic however, the whole point of patterned imprinted concrete is to mimic the look of block paving so you’re going to end up with a similar standard whichever one you opt for. Both offer a range of designs, styles and colours to work with to create your perfect outdoor area. However, it does depend on who is installing the materials. Pattern imprinted concrete can look inferior if not aligned properly.  

Environmental Issues

Because block paving can be provided as a permeable option, it requires no additional drainage and will comply with planning regulations that relate to front gardens and resurfacing. However, because pattern imprinted concrete is non-permeable, it does need proper drainage solutions to comply with planning regulations.  


Price is a deciding factor for lots of people so it’s good to know which is the most cost-effective option to consider. It’s generally considered that pattern imprinted concrete is the cheaper option but it depends on the size and scale of the project. Contact us at premier Surfacing to get a quote, we’re block paving specialists and can also create beautiful pattern imprinted concrete driveways for you.
Published: October 2017

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Anita Hancock