How Do I Pressure Wash My Tarmac/Asphalt Driveway?

Many homeowners or commercial property owners who have tarmac and asphalt driveways find that the best way to wash and clean their driveways is with a pressure washer. However, many are apprehensive to dive right in because they’re unsure of the proper process and are afraid of damaging their driveway. To put driveway owners at ease, both residential and commercial, here are the steps to follow for a proper pressure washer clean.

Clear the area

Before the pressure washer comes into play, you need to do some prep work. It’s important to brush away any loose debris including dust, leaves and other objects. The perfect tool is a stiff bristled brush but any brush you have will get the job done. As well as cleaning the area of any dirt, you should also move away any obstacles such as wheelie bins and plant pots away to ensure the entire space is uncovered.

Degrease your driveway

Before you start pressure washing your driveway it’s a good idea to apply a degreaser. This will ensure the stains come up a lot easier when you begin pressure washing. All that is required is a quick spray of degreaser, a rub down with a brush and the ingrained stains should loosen.

Using the pressure washer

The first thing you need to do is apply a detergent to the driveway. Ensure you’re properly kitted out with gloves to protect your hands from the detergent. Leave the detergent to work for around 5 minutes. Next, hold the pressure washer around 15 inches off the driveway and aim to maintain a consistent distance throughout the task. To ensure you get the best clean, a good tip is to work in a symmetrical pattern. If you need to overlap you can just ensure all the detergent is rinsed away.

Drying time

Before you begin regularly using your tarmac or asphalt driveway again you should let it dry. Once it has dried you can maintain your clean for longer by using a sealant. If you would like any more information about maintaining professional tarmac & asphalt driveways simply contact us at Premier Surfacing.
Published: January 2018

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Anita Hancock