Imprinted Concrete and Resin Bound – Bringing Colour and Variety to Driveways

Many people consider a lot of different driveways when thinking of upgrading their outside space, but something that has become a lot more prevalent is the use of resin bound and imprinted concrete driveways. The reason for this is that they are not only stylish but offer hundreds of different colours and combinations. This is especially the case for resin bound which can be made up of hundreds of different materials. They both look smart and contained within the bonding and printing, which gives your driveway a very unique look. The unique property that they both share is that they can fit into any pattern and driveway while also locking out weeds and pests from your driveway. You can also combine them for a truly different look, so for example you could do your steps in imprinted concrete and then have a resin bound driveway around it. Because the design is totally flexible you can also use it in commercial buildings in order to distinguish certain areas, for example having imprinted concrete in black around the entrance and then resin bound ground around the rest of the property.

Imprinted Concrete - The Chameleon of Driveways

The best part about having an imprinted concrete driveway is that you can change the colour whenever you feel like. Although that makes it sound a lot easier than the process is, it is still completely true in theory. Whenever you feel like making a change to how it looks, it is one of the easier driveways to re-colour and re-work into something else. Though stripping it down and putting in new blocks and setting it all over again can take a lot of time, changing the colour is actually quite a straight forward process. Resin bound doesn’t have the same flexibility. However it is possible to relay a completely different colour as this can be done quite quickly once the groundwork has been done. This can be a pretty expensive process however compared to the ease of doing it with imprinted concrete, but if it is something you’re looking at it can easily be planned and done.

Why should you consider Imprinted Concrete or Resin Bound for commercial uses?

The main advantage of these types of surfacing compared to others is that they last for a very long time untouched, they are very resilient to the weather and will ward off any weeds or insects. They are also completely safe to drive over with any vehicle, so should that be a concern and you’re afraid of breaking the ground as you drive then these would be the options to consider. The distinct look that both of these surfacing options provide can make your commercial estate stand out among the others, whether you’re using them to cover ground to socialise on or simply on the drives and parking you will always look like the best in show among your peers. This makes these products very sought after and you can see a lot of companies using resin bound for their outside eateries or canteens simply for the appearance and style that they bring to the area.

How can I get my imprinted concrete or resin bound driveway?

The first thing to do is work out the size of the area you want to cover and contact Premier Surfacing for a quote. You should be aware that these are relatively expensive options compared to other surfacing, especially for imprinted concrete which has a high price per m2. However when you come to Premier Surfacing we will make sure that you are getting the best deal for your needs. We will provide a fixed price quotation and make sure that you’re able to make an informed decision about the future of your driveway. Get in touch with us by calling 01952 840 838 or by emailing us at [email protected] and we will be able to price up your requirements. We are experts at handling all types of commercial and domestic surfacing and paving so you’ll be in the right hands when you work with us.
Published: April 2022

We’re very happy our new imprinted concrete driveway, the quality of workmanship is second to none and we would not hesitate in recommending Premier Surfacing to all.

Anita Hancock