Keeping Your Driveway Slip-free This Winter
We all know that with the arrival of winter comes many wonderful things. Christmas, and beautiful snow to name just two. But with the weather changing, it also brings some unsavoury and some unsafe conditions. Driveways in particular can become incredibly slippery and can cause problems for you and your car.

But what’s the best way to ensure your driveway stays slip-free this winter?

You’ll no doubt have seen the gritters on the roads, making them safer for drivers and pedestrians, but grit and salt can cause a few problems for your driveway and car. Salt and grit can be corrosive and this can of course affect the quality of your driveway surface, causing it to deteriorate more rapidly than normal; especially if you live in a particularly cold area and need to constantly reapply salt and grit. If you have a pattern imprinted concrete driveway then when it was first installed, it should have had a sealant applied to protect it from outside elements; keeping it looking fresh and colourful. If you’ve recently had a new pattern imprinted concrete driveway put in, the sealant should do its job wonderfully. However, if you have quite an old driveway that has deteriorated somewhat, your driveway may not be so protected and salt and grit can cause further deterioration.

Using salt and grit sparingly however won’t cause too much damage. If you want to err on the side of caution, you can use sand as a substitute which is great for traction and isn't as corrosive as grit and salt. We would also recommend avoiding chemical de-icers, or at least use them very sparingly. Resealing pattern imprinted concrete driveways in time for winter is always a good idea to ensure whatever substances you use do not corrode your driveway. All that’s left to say is a huge Merry Christmas from everyone at Premier Surfacing!
Published: April 2017

We’re very happy our new imprinted concrete driveway, the quality of workmanship is second to none and we would not hesitate in recommending Premier Surfacing to all.

Anita Hancock