Looking Into Alternative Forms Of Road Materials
Roads are commonly made up of tarmac and they require constant maintenance to stop them from being worn down by traffic and weather. But imagine driving along a road that produces solar energy, providing motion for the vehicle. Advances in road technology could change the way people travel and provide a positive impact on the environment. We thought we’d look into different kinds of technology that could improve road infrastructure.

Sun-powered roads

An idea that’s increased in popularity is turning roads into solar power generators, which has been detailed in a report by Singularity Hub. China are looking into building a 1.2 stretch of sun-powered road through a new type of transparent asphalt. France are also developing the technology, with a 1 km road featuring 30,000 square feet of solar panels. The road is located in a small village and it’s hoped the road could power the streetlights.

Kinetic surfaces

The average road in the UK carries up to 3000 cars per hour. A new type of technology could dramatically change traffic movement through electricity. A kinetic road would make use of the piezoelectric effect to convert mechanical motion into electricity, as reported by Phys.org. An Italian startup called Underground Power have created Lybra, a rubber paving material that absorbs kinetic energy.

Plastic roads

Recycled plastics could make a big difference for road maintenance. An English startup called MacRebur specialises in collecting plastic waste and grinding it down into road materials. The plastic replaces bitumen, a material that binds rock and sand together into an asphalt surface. The plastic infused road would be less prone to cracking. There used to be a time where these types of road surfaces would have been impossible. But technology is advancing all the time and finding ways to make roads safer and more environmentally stable is of the utmost importance. At Premier Surfacing, we believe in providing a range of environmentally conscious services. For more information contact us on 01952 840 838.
Published: August 2018

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Anita Hancock