What Are The Main Benefits Of A New Driveway?
At Premier Surfacing we’ll admit we’re a little biased when it comes to getting a new  driveway. If we had our way everyone in Britain would replace theirs every few  years, the nation would be known as the immaculate driveway capital of the world,  and our driveway installation team would live the luxurious life of Premiership  footballers. Obviously that’s not going to happen any time soon, but we still believe that replacing your driveway has some fantastic benefits which we think you should  know about.

It's less Work For You

When someone asks what you got up to at the weekend, nobody’s going to find the  story of how you messed around  repairing your driveway all that interesting. A crumbling drive  can soak up hours of your time just to keep it looking vaguely respectable, whereas  a newly installed surface will be a little kinder to your social life. Block paving and  decorative stone driveways are great options for those who want a low-maintenance  driveway long-term, as they only require a jet wash now and then to keep them  looking great.

It's Cheaper Than Constant Repairs

Not only are constant repair jobs a time hog, they also end up costing you way more  in time than the one-off cost of replacing your driveway. However handsome our  team of driveway experts are, you probably don’t want to see them every single  month when your drive needs some TLC. Patched driveways are also really ugly  to look at, so if you’re always having to fill a crack here and pot  hole there, it  may be time to start afresh.

It Adds Value To Your Home

When it comes time to part with your property one of the first things potential  homeowners consider is how much work will I need to do after I move in? If you’re  trying to sell them a home with a flakey driveway, it’s a bit like going on a date and  opening with the line “I snore, I’m lazy, and I have bad manners”. Nobody wants to kick things  off knowing there’s lots of work to be done, and with a gleaming new driveway you  will instead make a fantastic first impression. Typically a well-installed and attractive  driveway will increase your home’s value by 5-10%, which is no small potatoes!

Personalise Your Home

Everyone likes to add a personal touch to their property, and whilst some people go  no further than a bit of wall stencilling, designing your own driveway makes a major  statement about your property. There are plenty of different driveway types for you to  choose from depending on the look you want and your own specific requirements. Whether you go for block paving, concrete, or tarmac; our geniuses at Premier  Surfacing can help you figure out which is most suitable, and how to get the most out  of your driveway space. Once the driveway installation is complete you can then  spend your days peering out of your window at the now majestic entrance to your  home.
Published: April 2017

We’re very happy our new imprinted concrete driveway, the quality of workmanship is second to none and we would not hesitate in recommending Premier Surfacing to all.

Anita Hancock