How To Make Money With a Brand New Driveway
Installing a new driveway will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal to your property, but also add value and an additional selling point. Whether you are planning on selling, renting or living in your property – there are huge benefits to installing a fit for purpose driveway. Such an effort can either make you money or save you money; either way you are sure to feel that little bit richer.

Make Money

A new tarmac driveway can be a wise investment, especially if you are considering selling your property sometime in the future. It has been proven that a driveway adds value to a home (up to 5%) especially if the area around the property offers no off-road parking. The return on investment is pretty handsome too as it is relatively inexpensive to install a driveway; especially when compared with other home improvements such as a house extension. So although having a new driveway will create an initial expense, the return you’ll receive when you come to sell your house should create a small profit. You should never underestimate the power of curb appeal and the impression it creates. Having a safe and weather-proof place to park a vehicle is a huge bonus for the majority of home owners and tenants across the country. So even if you are simply renting your property, you can do so at a higher rental price with the inclusion of a professional constructed driveway.

Save Money

Not thinking of moving anytime soon? The additional of a new driveway can still help your finances and help save you money, if only through car insurance alone! It is common knowledge that where you keep your vehicle at night has a noticeable influence on your car insurance premium. Insurers  are more likely to trust that your car will not be stolen to damaged if it is kept safely off-road and nearby your property; as opposed to being out on the roadside. This will lower your insurance premium significantly and save you money year-on-year. Not only this, a new driveway can also save you maintenance costs overtime, especially if the front of your property is in bad condition. A badly kept front garden or front approach can be subjected to flooding or other environmental problems, which costs money to sort out each time. Installing a brand new driveway with an effective drainage system will ensure that only minor, cost-free maintenance tasks are required.

Feel Opulent

Whether you are saving pounds or making pounds, a new driveway can make your property look more impressive, seem more prestige and cause you to feel a little more opulent. If designed perfectly, a driveway can become the first major focal point of your property, for either your guestsor potential buyers. Contact our team today for more information on how much it would cost you to install a brand new driveway outside your property.
Published: April 2017

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Anita Hancock