National Gardening Week 2016: 5 Best British Home Grown Garden Ideas
At Premier Surfacing we’re celebrating National Gardening Week 2016 by gracing you with five of our favourite home grown garden design ideas: National Gardening Week 2016 takes place from the 11th to the 17thof April, and there are events up and down the country to celebrate, with many private gardens open to the public for you to enjoy. But if you’re looking for something a little closer to home then what better way to mark the occasion than by giving your own garden a makeover. Whether you’ve just had a nice new driveway installed and you want to bring your garden up to scratch or you’re looking to reduce your impact on the environment with something eco-friendly, there are plenty of grand garden designs to choose from.

The Eco Garden

There are many different ways of designing a garden to make it environmentally friendly, but first you must consider the challenges and threats local to your area. If you live somewhere which experiences frequent hosepipe bans then Xeriscape gardens are a great way to reduce your water reliance with drought tolerant foliage. Alternatively a rain garden can be constructed to protect water and welcome in wildlife, and by adding in native plants it can also add a beautiful form of landscaping to your garden.

The Edible Garden

If you’re looking to boost your eco-credentials even further then the edible garden is another fantastic way to save the environment and some money in the process. Despite what some may think, running a vegetable garden isn’t all toiling away for scant reward. With only a few hours of work a week you can have your pick of the patch if you use raised beds, no-dig methods and focus on the more productive crops. And if your recycling game is on form then your garden becomes ever more sustainable by consuming the organic waste matter from your home’s refuse.

The Rustic Garden

By using simple materials and reclaimed items you can give your garden a wonderfully quaint feel to it for very little effort. Old gates, rusted fencing and various tubs and troughs can easily be salvaged from junkyards or online, and once they’re given a little sprucing up can really bring a timelessly classic feel of rustic outdoor living to your garden. And if salvaging scrap isn’t your thing then offcuts of timber, stone and brickwork can all be used for borders, pathways or even archways if you’re feeling creative!

The Wildflower Garden

Contrary to their name a wildflower garden doesn’t have to be chaotic and unkempt, and with the right amount of planning a well-maintained wildflower garden can develop into a spectacular feature to compliment your home. Wildflower meadows are a great option if you wish to attract more bees and butterflies into your garden, but many find wildflower borders offer just as much aesthetic and environmental pleasure with considerably less work.

The Water Garden

Whether you wish to create an elaborate aqua-paradise of flowing waterfalls and streams, or you favour the simpler style of Japanese water gardens with still ponds and minimalist features, the water garden offers a tranquil and elegant place of respite however chaotic your home may be. Water gardens can include anything from water lilies cattails through to bog gardens and fountains, and however you choose to include water in your design will have a huge impact on both the feel and environmental makeup of your garden.
Published: April 2017

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