Protect your patio in the colder months with these 5 tips
Although the Christmas season has flown by, we are still experiencing colder winter weather. Much of our outdoor flooring as a result has been exposed to damp weather conditions. Unfortunately it is this kind of rainfall and dampness that is most damaging to your patios and other outdoor floorings. This rainfall can cause algae and moss to grow, along with eroding outdoor surfaces. Sometimes even causing them to crack when frozen. February was the wettest month of 2021 so ensure you are prepared to protect your patio this new year with the following tips:

Removing Algae & Moss From Your Patio

Algae and moss often thrive on patios with large amounts of water-build up. This not only results in an undesirable green carpet across your tiles, but can also make your patio dangerous and slippery. To treat this you can saturate the flooring with a diluted mix of white vinegar and water. Then leave it to sit for a good ten minutes before scrubbing it away. Alternatively you can use a product specifically formulated for algae removal. These tend to protect your patio a bit more by providing more longevity before regrowth.

Removing Debris to Reduce Staining

It is important to maintain your patio throughout the winter months by getting rid of any debris as quickly as possible in order to prevent staining. If staining does occur however, you are best to remove it as quickly as possible. This can be done by using a pressure washer or giving the stained area a good scrub with some foamy water. 

Resealing To Protect Your Patio

Resealing to protect your patio can be one of the best methods. It is most suitable to do this just prior to the winter months however, so as to not trap in too much moisture. So if you have yet to do so already, planning ahead to reseal before next winter will help to improve your patio’s longevity. Resealing will not only help you reduce water damage. But also will prevent frost from penetrating your flooring and causing it to crack.

Protect Your Patio With Awning 

Alternatively you could invest in a patio awning for added protection from the elements. An awning is a retractable cover, providing both shade and shelter. Whilst pricier than any other option on this list, it will protect your patio from any further water damage caused by rainfall. Awning will continue to benefit you in the summer, protecting your patio from any UV damage it may encounter from the sunlight. 

Sealing Cracks to Prevent Frost Damage

Any cracks that do exist already on your patio flooring will likely worsen in the winter time. To prevent any further damage fill in any cracks you are able to with paving filler. Unfortunately when it comes to bigger cracks you may need to seek professional help in replacing damaged parts of the flooring.    If you do require professional help, or are looking for a new patio installation, contact our highly skilled team for advice or more information.
Published: January 2022

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