Renovate your Driveway – Without Spending a Fortune
A good way to make your house look more attractive and increase its value is by replacing your old driveway. Of course this will not come cheap, but there are certain ways in which you could lower costs to a considerable extent.

To begin with you will need to look around for contractors and compare quotes as to which are the most economical, while not compromising on quality. One way that you could reduce costs is to chip in by doing tasks that you would otherwise engage the services of others to do.

One way of cutting costs is resurfacing the driveway, rather than replacing the entire drive, which will cost a lot more. You can visit any home improvement store for do-it-yourself kits, which will require you to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in, but is well worth due to the savings you will make. If you do not want to be go through the grind yourself, you could search for a professional to carry out the task at the best price available. Resurfacing will work wonders for the driveway as it will make it appear brand new.

You could also put your creativity to the test by creating or sketching out patterns on a concrete driveway with chalk. Once you have made the design you could use a power saw to carve out the areas in the design you intended. This is a very effective method to conceal any cracks or damaged bits of the driveway, without having to replace the entire portion. If you are not very confident in using a power-saw you could get a professional to execute the task, which will still be cost-effective.

If there are other homes in your neighbourhood that need new driveways as well, it would work well if you get together with other homeowners and decide to make it a neighbourhood project. The benefit here is that you could request a combined quote which will save on transportation and other costs of the contractor.

Of the many different materials used for driveways, the most popular are asphalt and concrete - on account of their durability and look. There are other materials available that are more economical like gravel or a combination of tarmac and rocks. Adding bits of coloured stone will enhance the appearance and you can even opt for bricks or recycled concrete for the bottom layer of the driveway.

With this you can then let the professionals get stuck in and create a beautiful driveway to boost the aesthetic beauty of the outside of your home.
Published: April 2017

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Anita Hancock