Resin Bound Paving: Nurture The Nature

Plant life within your garden, front or back, will introduce aesthetic appeal to your exterior and add significant value to your property. From a simple flowerbed to a tidy hedgerow, anything green or pollen-filled will not only brighten up your garden but also attract plenty of birdlife too. Trees are also an attractive feature that provides many benefits as well.

Many people and communities incorporate trees into their landscape designs for a variety of reasons; including aesthetic appeal, cleaner air, increased privacy and tress also provide areas of shade.

In order for a tree to sustain healthy growth and sustainability they must have access to oxygen and water. Therefore, the grounds in which they are planted must be permeable to water. This can prove to be quite a tricky challenge when it comes to paving/surfacing your garden as, traditionally, you would have to pave around the tree trunk and install a pesky tree grille.

Stay Away from the Tree Grilles!

Tree grilles are a type of metal grate that covers the area surrounding a tree trunk. Typically, these grates are decorative in design and can look very classy too, posing the ideal solution to paving around trees. This allows water to soak through the soil underneath and allows a landscape gardener to pave around the tree with elegance and aesthetic appeal.

The metal can be painted and finished with rust-resistant gloss to ensure the visual appeals remains over time.

However, there are many drawbacks to using a tree grille as a solution, the main one being cost! Not only this, they can also become litter traps in next to no time. Crisp packets, bits of paper, cigarette butts and all sorts of rubbish gets caught underneath the grille; quickly ruining the aesthetic appeal.

Damaging Effects

A tree grille can also be quite harmful for the tree itself if they are not cut back before the tree grows into the grate. As strange as this may sound, this is not uncommon and can occur as soon as 3-5 years following installation. So after all the effort of trying to protect the tree, you actually may end up killing it.

Choose Resin Bound Paving to Support a Natural Environment

Resin bound paving is extremely effective at protecting trees within both urban and suburban environments. The material does not collect litter or rubbish and also provides a beautifully even and stable surface. Most importantly, resin bound surfaces are completely permeable so water is able to drain through it and into the soil below.

Not only this, the material requires very little maintenance and the surfacing system as a whole grows alongside the tree; so it will not prevent growth or pose a risk to the tree’s health. This creates a perfect solution for driveways, pathways, school playgrounds and commercial gardens all across the country. So now you can have an effective, sturdy and beautiful surface that also allows you to nurture the nature around you!

Published: April 2017

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Anita Hancock