Tips For Preparing Your Patio For The Winter Weather
We are a now into December, and so far the winter weather has been fairly mind. However, that could soon change as the days grow colder and the wind and rain gets more frequent. This is why we at Premier Surfacing advise that, if you haven’t already, right now is the perfect time to prepare your patio for the harsher winter conditions. If you take the time to fully inspect and assess your patio now, then you’ll find it much easier to stop something happening as opposed to having to do extensive repairs down the line.

The steps you can take

Preparing any hard outdoor surface for the winter is not only beneficial for extending its lifespan, it can also save you both time and money. So, we wanted to put together some top tips to help prepare your patio for the winter weather:
  • Make sure that you regularly sweep and wash away any bits of debris and leaves from your patio paving. Doing this as often as you can will help prevent the build up of stains to your paving and walkways.
  • Take the time to check your patio surface for any gaps in the joints, and make sure that they are properly filled in.
  • Check that any guttering is properly cleared and sealed, and that it is directed away from the patio paving in order to avoid any damage from the build up of ice.
  • It’s worth backfilling the edges of your patio to help prevent any pooling water. If water can accumulate it can also freeze up and get under the patio, causing the paving to lift.
Whether it’s your patio or driveway, it’s always important to have a winter strategy for driveway maintenance in place. The more time and effort you put into maintaining your patio and other surfaces, the more you’ll be able to avoid costly repairs and potential early replacement. Here at Premier Surfacing, our experts can help you get the patio paving and driveway of your dreams, with a range of services. Contact us today on 01952 840 838 for more information.
Published: December 2018

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Anita Hancock