What’s The Best Driveway Surfacing Option For The Winter?
At Premier Surfacing, we offer a variety of different driveway types for you to choose from, including block paving, concrete, and tarmac. But is there a superior surface that can handle the harsher winter months?  In truth, all of our quality driveway surfaces are built with longevity in mind, but there is one surface solution that can be particularly effective in winter - and that’s resin bound paving. There are a number of reasons that make this driveway surface an ideal choice for the colder, wetter and darker nights. 

Porous and weather resistant

With winter comes the inevitable downpours, where more puddles form and frequent flooding can occur. Water can sometimes have a tendency to pond on certain surfaces, such as tarmac. However, when it comes to resin bound stone, water can be easily absorbed into the ground.  This is because resin bound paving is extremely porous and allows water to simply dissipate right through it. This will help to prevent puddles from forming, which means no sheet ice or black ice will form on your driveway as the temperatures fall. This reduces the risk of slipping, making your driveway safer and giving you the added peace of mind that there are fewer hazards on your driveway. 

Anti-slip properties for great traction 

Speaking of slipping, instability for you and your vehicle on your driveway can be one of the biggest worries in winter. Thankfully, the aggregate bound upper layer gives resin bound paving a stoney quality, which means the surface is able to assist with traction whilst walking or driving on it.  The surface has natural anti-slip qualities, which are superior to other surface solutions. Leaving you with a safe, high friction surface that’s perfect for use throughout the year and whatever the weather.

Quick installation and Minimal maintenance

Resin bound paving has a very quick application time, and is generally ready to be used after 1 day of being laid. It requires minimal maintenance, thanks to the  UV-stable resin that binds the natural aggregates together, making a strong surface that does not allow any weeds to grow or stones to come loose. For this reason it demands virtually no sweeping, leaving you with more time to stay inside, warm and cozy over winter.  Depending on the quality of the stone and installation, this surface solution usually remains in good condition for between 15 to 25 years. Meaning you’ll be taking advantage of its weather-resistant qualities for many winters to come. Plus, the stunning decorative design will radiate through the darkness and grey that is coming, until Spring comes around again. We are happy to visit your property and provide you with a free quotation - feel free to contact us with your requirements on 01952 840 838 or [email protected]
Published: November 2019

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Anita Hancock