Why our roads just don’t work without roadworks
In the past 130 years we have seen a lot of development in the evolution of motor vehicles, starting from the most basic of cars in 1886 up until the present day, with electric self-driven cars starting to come into general use. In recent years there has also been a dramatic increase in the number of vehicles using our road network. What most people don’t consider is the effect that this has on our roads and car parks.

The UK and a history of incompetent roads

Roadworks aren’t a new concept - they date back to long before cars have been around, but in recent times, with the climate changing, we have seen roads become like “the surface of the moon”. According to the LGA which you can see in the article, every single 19 seconds that passes a new pothole is getting patched up by the council or an independent contractor. Rather than patching them up we need new solutions which will make the roads last longer and be more resilient to issues like this. The problem is that until recently the budget for repairing roads has been shrinking more and more, despite inflation. The government in the UK needs to address this problem sooner rather than later as the weather is unlikely to get any better. It is local Councils who look after our roads, so the only real solution is to keep on notifying them of issues and campaigning to get the budget for road repairs increased.

Budgeting for potholes

In 2020, the government announced a £2.5 billion budget dedicated to fixing the UK’s growing pothole problem, and yet it still persists. Larger towns like Liverpool have had roadworks ongoing from the start of 2021. This is just one example of how road repairs are an expensive and extensive process that take a lot of time. When we are driving we are more aware of the potential hazards caused by poor road surface issues, however the largest risk is actually to larger vehicles such as buses and trucks containing hazardous chemicals. It might take until 2025 in order for the road network repair plan to be fully fulfilled and most of the major pothole issues to be fixed across Councils in the UK. However in this period more potholes will be created in times of dramatically fluctuating temperatures - so it is going to be a constant battle to keep the road network in a drivable state.

Why surfacing your commercial access roads is of utmost importance

Potholes are also an issue for larger commercial operators who have roads leading into and around their business premises. The best way to safeguard against the accidents and damage that can be caused by unsafe surfaces is to make your access roads as weather-proof as possible. This can only be achieved by using high quality materials as these will provide a long lasting road surface and from the foundation of an attractive entrance to your business. So if your access roads are in need of a makeover, you should get in touch with us here at Premier Surfacing. We use only the best tarmac, asphalt and concrete in order to ensure that your roads are safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing. Get in touch with us at 01952 840 838, or simply click here to request a quote.
Published: May 2022

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Anita Hancock