Why Resin Bound Surfaces are so Effective in Winter
At Premier Surfacing, we offer a variety of different patio paving types for you to choose from, including imprinted concrete and block paving. However, when it comes to choosing something that is ideally suited to the more adverse conditions of the darker, colder winter season - resin bound paving is a surface solution that’s particularly effective.

So why exactly is this paving option so well suited to the winter months?

It’s weather resistant and extremely porous 

The colder season brings with it plenty of downpours, which also can result in puddles and frequent flooding. Certain surfaces can have a tendency to form spots of ponding water, such as tarmac.  However, with resin bound paving, water can be absorbed into the ground quickly and easily. This is because this type of surface material is extremely porous and can allow any moisture to dissipate right through it.  Puddles are therefore prevented from forming, which means that ice can also be prevented during the cold months of winter. Of course this helps to reduce the risk of someone slipping or, creating a safer patio surface for those walking over it.

It’s got inherent anti-slip properties

Slipping can be a big cause for concern on any surface, including patios - but thankfully, the aggregate bound upper layer gives resin bound paving a stoney quality. This creates a surface that is able to assist with traction whilst walking across it.   This type of paving has natural anti-slip qualities, which are superior to other surface solutions. And whatever the weather, it will provide you with an effective and safe high friction surface.

It can be installed quickly & requires minimal maintenance

If you’d like to choose resin-bound paving for your patio, the good news is that it can be installed incredibly quickly. And can generally be used after just one day of being laid by professional surfacing specialists.  This type of patio paving is also very low maintenance, mainly due to the UV-stable resin that binds the natural aggregates together. Creating a much stronger surface material that prevents weed growth and stops stones from coming loose. It should also last you for many winters, as it usually stays in great condition for between 15 to 25 years, but this will depend on the quality of the stone and installation. If you’re looking to get the perfect paving for your patio but don’t know where to start, then please get in touch with us for a free quotation and expert advice today, on 01952 840 838.
Published: November 2020

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Anita Hancock