4 Ways You Can Update Your Driveway this Summer
Let’s be honest, during winter, when it’s all grey clouds and rain, you can get away with having a bit of a dingey driveway. But during the summer, when the days are longer and the sun is high in the sky, your driveway is fully on show! There are no clouds or rain to hide behind - well, most of the time anyway. If you’re looking at your driveway thinking it could do with a bit of a spruce, here are 4 simple ways you can update your driveway for summer.

Get Green

Incorporating green spaces into your driveway can be a really easy way of brightening it up. Whether it’s a hedge, a grass border or even a roundabout made up of flowers in the centre of your driveway, that addition of some greenery can completely liven up your driveway. Plus, adding flowers or plants to your driveway is eco-friendly meaning you’ll be helping out the environment in the process!

Block it Out

Block paving is a great way to add colour and a unique design to your driveway. Because they are available in a range of contemporary and traditional styles, it’s super easy to get the design you want, that also matches the aesthetics of your house. Block paving offers and attractive and long=term driveway solution which means by the time summer rolls around again next year, you won't have to touch your driveway.


Using a contrast of materials or colours instantly lifts your driveway. For example, why not add a block paving trim to your asphalt driveway? It’s an instant pick me up and means you don’t have to repave or redo your entire driveway which saves you both time and money!

Pick a Pattern

Rather than having a plain concrete driveway, why not get pattern imprinted concrete? You can choose the colour and design leaving you in complete control. Imprinted concrete driveways are really beautiful and look really great during the summer when the sun is out!
Published: June 2017

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Anita Hancock

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