Driveway Surfacing Ideas to Inspire

  Your driveway isn’t simply a spot to park your vehicle, it’s actually one of the key focal points of your home. In fact, it occupies a prominent position in any property, as it’s predominantly one of the first things people see and notice about your home.  This is why you need to ensure that your driveway is looking its best, as not only will this maximise your kerb appeal, it can actually add value to your property. So, having a robust, resilient and functional driveway is always a good idea. With this in mind, we’ve got some great driveway ideas right here to get you inspired.   

Block paving can be traditionally trendy

Block paving is a very popular choice of driveway surface, and is used for many driveway designs. The reason for this is because it’s actually incredibly versatile. It can provide you with a traditional aged look that also gives off a timeless elegance to your property. This type of surface also complements most types of brickwork in a nicely understated way.  

Set your driveway up with stone

Concrete and tarmac are also popular surface options for driveways, but stone is also standing out more and more as both a traditional driveway option, and one that can look quite modern too. Stone has longevity as it’s extremely hard-wearing and can make any property seem all the more majestic.  

Granite can work great 

For the ultimate contemporary look, a granite driveway surface can work wonders. This type of surface can look modern and effortlessly elegant. Plus, it can also add a subtle sparkle to your surroundings. At Premier Surfacing, we offer a fast, efficient and cost-effective resurfacing service for your driveway. So if you’re considering an upgrade that gives you more value, better aesthetic appeal, an increase to safety around the home and will last a long time -  contact our team today on 01952 840 838.    
Published: August 2020

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Anita Hancock

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