3 Top Benefits of Having a Resin Bound Driveway

Any driveway material needs to fulfil a variety of functions, not only does it need to make your home look aesthetically pleasing, it also needs to add value to the home and be practical too. This is why one of the absolute best choices of driveway surfaces available, is resin bound. It’s essentially a mixture of natural aggregate and resin that’s brought together to form a stone-like surface. There are a variety of benefits to choosing this type of surface material and we wanted to go through 3 of the top ones here...

It’s very versatile

This surface option is one of the most versatile on the market, which is why it’s often used for a number of surfaces; from access ramps to driveways and even footpaths. It not only looks extremely attractive thanks to its natural stone smooth finish, it also has non-slip qualities, is highly durable and long lasting.

It’s highly durable and long lasting

Speaking of durability, this driveway surface is actually applied over a tarmac or concrete surface that’s already in place. This process results in the finished surface being very durable and resisted to wear and tear. It’s also able to retain its appearance and colour thanks to its resistance to UV light. As a result of its layout and durability it will also require very little maintenance. Plus, the material won’t support weed growth, which just adds to its longevity.

It’s designed to allow water run-off

Due to the fact that this driveway surface uses a mixture of materials, it creates a finish product that’s highly porous. If there was a heavy downpour of rain, water would easily run-off the surface. Meaning there will be far less risk of any freeze damage, which could occur in winter. Plants and other vegetation close to your driveway would also benefit from the water run-off. At Premier Surfacing, we provide a variety of surfacing options to help you find your dream driveway. Contact us today on 01952 840 838 for more information.
Published: February 2020

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Anita Hancock