How Do You Know When it’s Time to Repave Your Driveway?

Over time the surface of your driveway can take a lot of wear and tear, not just from your vehicle(s) but also from various weather conditions. Eventually it will start to degrade, leading to uneven surfaces and a loss of aesthetics. 

This is why it’s essential that you can spot the warning signs of a driveway that’s heavily worn out. As you’ll be able to act quickly and repave it before it falls apart completely and requires more costly repairs. Here’s what you can look out for to know when your driveway surface needs repaving...

Areas have become worn and rough

Even a driveway surface that has previously been expertly paved can become tired and worn over time, leaving the surface of it looking old, rough and unsightly. It might not be your whole driveway that suffers from the effects of things like foot traffic and parked heavy cars. 

However, certain sections can start to lose the smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish they once had. If you notice areas that are starting to look patchy and uneven, it’s time to consider a repave.  

Cracks have appeared

One of the most obvious signs to look out for are cracks that have formed on the surface of your driveway. These are a clear indication that it has begun to age significantly, and you should consider a repave. Of course, cracks are a natural part of a driveway's life cycle, so you shouldn’t be concerned with small ones, as these can be easily patched up. 

Larger cracks though can end up covering a significant portion of your driveway's surface. Whether they are linear or radiating out, these larger cracks can lead to structural issues down the line. They could also result in tripping hazards, along with an increased risk of water damage and weeds sprouting up through them. You will need to address them by repaving the surface as soon as possible.

There are problems with drainage

Another indication that the surface of your driveway is in need of a repave, is when water has a hard time draining off it. An uneven driveway can result in water collecting on the surface, and this pooling speeds up the amount of wear the driveway experiences. 

Pooling water is a sure sign of drainage issues, and if you leave this untreated it can cause major issues down the line. It could even lead to damage to your vehicles you have parked on the surface. Repaving and getting professionals to install a driveway with proper drainage solutions will save you a lot of worry in the long term.

If you’re considering a repave for your driveway surface, or you’re simply looking for a reputable surfacing specialists who can help you get your dream driveway - contact Premier Surfacing today on 01952 840 838.

Published: February 2020

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