A Guide To Protecting Your Asphalt Driveway In Summer
When it comes to creating your perfect driveway, there are a number of materials to choose from. Some people might pick asphalt for its durability and smooth finish. If you have an asphalt driveway then it’s important to take precautions against the elements, especially in warm weather. We’ve put together a guide on how to protect your asphalt driveway against sun damage and heat.

How can the sun damage your driveway?

During a temperature increase, asphalt is prone to heating up and softening past a certain point. This makes it susceptible to damage, with scratches, sinking and scuffing more likely to occur. UV radiation can also damage asphalt, discolouring and degrading a surface. In addition, asphalt absorbs UV rays, heating it up even more.

What can be done to prevent sun damage?

Correct maintenance is essential to making sure your driveway is protected. Sealing your asphalt driveway is the most effective prevention method and there are four types of sealants. Seal coat Seal coat is made up of an anti-oxidation solution that protects asphalt against the elements. It helps to slow down the ageing process, stopping the asphalt from looking worn down. This would be an ideal choice for an asphalt driveway. Slurry seal The type of sealant is similar to seal coat, though it contains aggregate. The aggregate helps to prevent a surface from being worn out. The rubber modified surface sealer (TRMSS) TRMSS is a comprehensive sealant that reintroduces crucial surface oils that have been lost over time. The oils help to seal loose aggregates. Microsurfacing This sealant is similar to slurry seal, but it contains a higher polymer solution. It’s faster acting than slurry seal. Despite the effectiveness of sealers, they don’t last forever. This means they will need to be reapplied every few years in order to maintain the driveway. At Premier Surfacing, we offer a range of services that can help you to get your ideal driveway. Call us today on 01952840838.
Published: June 2018

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