Selling Your House? Add Value to Your Property With a New Driveway
How To Make Money With a Brand New Driveway - Premier SurfacingAre you thinking of selling your house or another property of yours? If so, it is in your best interest to add as much value to the building as you possibly can. There are countless methods of adding resale value to a building, from simple redecorations to full renovations and beyond. Improved energy efficiency, double-glazing and custom built extensions are all examples of features that can add value to your home. Improving some of these features can be ridiculously pricey; so much so that it becomes counter-productive to action them. However, there are some typically inexpensive home improvements you can make to increase the value of your property – such as the installation of a new driveway. For many people across the UK, a driveway is a vital element of their home, if only to provide a space to park their cars. But many of us fail to realise that a well-designed driveway can add thousands of pounds to the value of your property!

Add an Additional 1% to The Value of Your Property

According to Virgin Money, installing a brand new driveway can add up to 1% to the value of your home. This may not sound like a lot at first, but when you consider that 1% of £200,000 is £2,000, you start to realise the positive difference it can make. Not only this, but installing a new driveway can also free up the space in your garage, should you have one. Having an alternative place to park a car means the garage can be freed up and used for different reasons.

Numerous Practical Benefits

Creating a new driveway also comes with various functional benefits, such as the ability to merge the driveway into a front garden. Such an addition also offers an opportunity to install a new drainage system, to keep the front of your property dry and free of structural damage. Extra parking space is always going to make a property more practical and valuable too; not to mention the extra aesthetic value!

Scarce Urban City Driveways

Free parking spaces within busy urban city centres are few and far between and those that are available are often very expensive. So if you have a property based nearby a busy city centre and you have the space available, building a new driveway can be an extremely lucrative move. Even if the buyer of your property does not drive, they have the option to rent their driveway out to commuters on a daily basis. Renting out a parking space in an environment where there aren’t many available can be a money making machine in itself. So this can also add value to your home. Installing a driveway does not mean you just dump a load of concrete down either; there are various block paving designs available for you to choose from! For more information on our driveway and surfacing services give our team a call today.
Published: April 2017

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Anita Hancock