Some of the Top Garden Trends in 2017 So Far


Some of The Top Garden Trends in 2017 So Far

Every year certain garden trends fall in and out of fashion. Some of these trends occur every year but there’s always something new on the horizon. Because we’ve worked on so many driveways and patios, we thought it would be good to examine some of the top garden trends we have come across so far this year.

Bringing The Inside, Out

This trend has been gathering momentum for some time now. Over the last couple of years, people have slowly been moving more and more of their inside, out. We’ve seen a lot of people option for patios included in their gardens instead of just grass. That way, furniture can be easily placed outside to create the living room feel outside. Many are seeing the benefits of relaxing and unwinding outdoors, reconnecting with nature. We’ve seen a lot of comfy sofa seating, fire pits, lanterns and canopies. To create your own patio area contact us about our patios service in Staffordshire, Shropshire and Cheshire.

Creating Pathways

A popular trend is creating pathways or walkways throughout the garden. Often these originate from the patio and spread out into the garden. We have previously written about how to create your own budget DIY pathways if you want to give it a try.

Green Walls

Vertical planting has become increasingly popular as people have gained the confidence to try different styles. If you don’t have a large expansive garden to plant lots of things at ground level, you can create your own green walls and go vertical instead of horizontal.

Blocks of Colour

A lot of gardens this year have been using colour blocking to create wonderful scenes within their exteriors. It’s a really simple yet effective way to create a bold look within your garden. Choose your colour, find your corresponding flowers and you’re set. You can complement your look with matching accessories and even a lick of paint on your fence. Some even plan to have their colours changing as the seasons change! We’ll be looking forward to what trends 2018 has to offer!
Published: August 2017

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