Top Garden Design Trends For 2017
Looking to have a bit of a redesign of your outdoor space this year? Then you’ll want to hear about the top garden design trends for 2017.

Artificial Grass

Despite some thinking that the fake stuff was just a passing fad and would fall out of fashion, quite the contrary is true. More and more people are turning to artificial grass to achieve the garden design that they want. One of the reasons is that, like anything that has been on the market a while, the price of artificial grass has dropped considerably compared to when it first burst on the scene. And forget what you think you know about artificial grass, it’s not limited to the hard, knee scratching astroturf style of old. There have been significant advances in technology that has meant the most contemporary artificial grass products look and feel just like natural grass. Clever weaving techniques and use of materials has meant that there are a wealth of artificial grass ranges to choose from, with different aesthetic appeals. Artificial grass also makes it incredibly easy to accomplish even the most intricate garden designs and can achieve what the natural stuff simply cannot.

Lounge Feel

Comfortable seating and a decidedly relaxed vibe will be big this year. The trend is geared towards making the garden a relaxing, comfortable place to be. It’s out with the upright, hard chairs and tables and in with daybeds, hanging seats and even hammocks. Comfort is key, so it’s time to pile on the cushions and pillows and indulge in some outdoor R&R. By creating an opulent and indulgent lounge feel, you’ll have no choice but to laze around in your garden.

Outdoor Living

Following on from the sofabeds, another big trend for this year is the concept of outdoor living. This means taking the essentials that you have inside your home, outside. Think BBQs but better. Expansive kitchen/cooking areas with adequate surface space, sinks and even fridges can be incorporated into your outdoor living space. If you want to take it a step further, why not invest in a pizza oven? The outdoor living trend is geared towards making your garden a social hub and food can play a huge part in that. Incorporating a fire pit or fireplace can also help to create an inviting space to entertain.

Colour Block Paving

Having well defined walkways and boundaries has long been a popular garden design trend but this year will see the use of colour blocking increase significantly. The rise in popularity of block paving is something that has been steadily happening over the years as people become more aware of how aesthetically versatile the process is. Whether you use block paving to make a connection from the driveway to the garden, or simply want to break up your garden design, contact the block paving specialists to discuss your options.
Published: April 2017

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