Top Tips to Help You Maintain Your Concrete Driveway
A brand new imprinted concrete driveway is one of the most popular driveway types in the UK. Not only can it enhance the appearance of your whole property, it can also be perfectly tailored to suit any modern, traditional or contemporary design.

Imprinted concrete is low maintenance, sturdy, and long lasting, but if not properly taken care of can still be at risk of becoming unnecessarily damaged. Before you know it, small cracks can lead to more extensive repairs, or you having to replace the whole driveway surface. With this in mind, we wanted to go through some top maintenance tips, to help you keep your imprinted concrete driveway looking brand new.

Check on trees and plants

If your concrete driveway has any trees or plants near to it, then it’s likely that their roots will spread underneath. This could result in the concrete getting pushed upwards by the roots, leading to a lumpy and cracked looking driveway.

It’s fine to have trees and plants near to your driveway in order to enhance is appearance, and add shade etc. But try to make sure no trees are closer than 3 metres from your driveway, as this will save you the hassle of removing a tree that is too close in the future.

Consider trees that are fruitless for your driveaway, as these are slow growing and tend not to leave a mess. Certain types of maple and oak trees can be great options for your concrete driveway.

Carry out regular cleaning

Put it in your schedule to give your concrete imprinted driveway a general clean at least a few times a month. Keeping the driveway clean and tidy is essential to making sure that it stays well maintained. With regular cleaning, you’ll be able to spot any stains or mould that might be growing early, as well as any small cracks before they turn into bigger problems.

Make sure that you sweep your driveway to clear any debris before washing it, and ideally use a pressure washer to help get rid of any difficult stains. Generic detergent, or even baking soda can be effective for removing stains.

Seal to prevent cracks

Unfortunately cracks can occur on your concrete driveway over time, with common causes being tree roots, or water seeping into the surface and causing cracks when it freezes. In regards to water, it’s always a good idea to provide a runoff area around the driveway edges.

Sealing your concrete driveway on an annual basis, will not only give it a nice finish but it also protects it from future cracks and stains. If you do end up getting cracks in the concrete, then ensure that these are filled in immediately. This will help to stop them from spreading and causing further damage.

Use a chisel and brush to clear any debris and then apply a filling compound to the space. Once this has dried, you can then seal the driveway, which should provide protection for a fairly long period of time. Eventually the sealant may have to be reapplied once every couple of years or so.

Maintaining your imprinted concrete driveway may seem like hard work, but it can help save it from further damage, and a potential replacement.

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Published: November 2018

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