Tell-tale signs that your driveway needs some TLC
With autumn approaching and winter soon to follow, it’s time to give your driveway a quick once over, and have a little check just to see if it needs some TLC. Driveways that have been installed by experienced surfacing specialists will last for years, but eventually even the best driveways will need some due care and attention. So here’s how you can determine whether yours needs some care, with these tell-tale signs…

Un-appealing aesthetics

One of the most obvious signs that your driveway needs some more care and attention, is if it’s aesthetic appeal has dropped a little. Ask yourself, does it look good? What does it look like from the curb?  Sometimes it can help to look at it as if it wasn’t your home, and ask yourself what you’d think of it. If it’s looking worn or is showing some minor cracks, this can be hugely detrimental to the curb appeal of your property, not to mention the overall look of your home. Perhaps the surface has faded from the sunlight, or is uneven in parts, if so this can be a sign of problems beneath the surface of the driveway. If it’s not looking aesthetically pleasing, you deserve a driveway that does, so it’s probably time for a new one.   

Potholes have appeared 

With certain driveway surfaces, such as asphalt, potholes can start to form as the surface begins to age. This happens when the ground underneath eventually becomes weaker, as a result of consistently expanding and contracting over time. Using vehicles a lot on the surface can also contribute to this. Potholes can look terrible but they are also dangerous, and can turn into a serious hazard for those walking on the driveway. Opting to repave the driveway can easily solve this problem.   

Pools of water are gathering

If you notice that after heavy rainfall, there’s been an accumulation of water and pool forming on your driveway, it’s important to know that this isn’t normal. Pools of water forming is a sure sign that there are underlying problems and drainage issues. So it’s essential that this is addressed as soon as possible, as issues, especially with drainage, can soon escalate and cause further damage that can spread to your whole property.  

Your driveway is fairly old

If your driveway is more than twenty five years old, and you've never had it repaved or had maintenance carried out, then the chances are it’s time that you did. Every driveway will have a maximum driveway, no matter the surface, even if they are well maintained with a seal coating etc.  If your driveway is showing any of these signs, and you’re considering a repave for your driveway surface, or you’re simply looking for a reputable surfacing specialists who can help you get your dream driveway - contact Premier Surfacing today on 01952 840 838.  
Published: September 2020

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