Keeping your driveway safe this winter
The arrival of winter brings many wonderful things. Halloween, Bonfire night, Christmas, mince pies and speciality coffees just to name a few. But winter also brings with it some unwelcome additions. The arrival of snow and ice may look pretty but can be quite dangerous especially on paths and driveways. Here we look at a few different ways of keeping your driveway safe this winter.

Regularly remove debris

Things like leaves, twigs and other debris can congregate on your driveway and if you don’t clear them away they can become a slipping hazard. Once the snow starts to fall these can become covered which makes them even more of a hazard for anyone walking on the driveway. By regularly clearing away debris from your driveway you can decrease the chance of anyone slipping.  

Avoid grit salt and harsh chemicals

Residential driveways don’t need the same kind of treatment as public roads as they are significantly smaller and see less traffic. Salt and harsh chemicals can damage the surrounding environment and can be harmful to any grass near or surrounding your driveway from the run off. You may see grass and leaves browning or even dying from salt and harsh chemical usage. Salt can also damage your vehicle. A lot of deicing chemicals contain ammonium nitrates and sulfates which can deteriorate your driveway. If you’re in need, a natural deicing agent such as sand can do the trick.  

Ensure your driveway is sealed

It is recommended that you get your driveway resealed every few years to ensure it remains waterproof. If you don’t, and cracks appear, snow and ice can infiltrate your driveway and cause damage underneath the surface. Most driveways can withstand a lot of traffic without becoming too worn but even the best driveways are susceptible to wear and tear - especially if a heavy vehicle is regularly parked there.  

Manually remove snow and ice

It seems obvious but just by manually shovelling snow off your driveway is the best way to keep it safe. After a heavy snowfall get out there with a shovel and clear your driveway. That way you have a clear path and you’re less likely to have icy patches where the snow has frozen. As residential surfacing specialists we see a lot of problems occurring when the harsh weather hits. If you need help getting your driveway in tip top shape before the depths of winter arrive, give us a call at Premier Surfacing.
Published: October 2017

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Anita Hancock