Make Your Patio Cosy This Winter
It’s a shame that the outside areas of homes often get neglected once winter has arrived. It’s easy to huddle inside when the colder months hit but there’s actually no need. You can make your patio a desirable place to be even in winter. Here are our top tips for creating a cosy patio space.

Invest in a fire pit

There is nothing more cosy and warming than a fire pit in the garden. Not only do they look amazing but they provide much needed heat and light during the winter months. They may look incredibly high end but they’re relatively inexpensive to buy so won’t break the bank. They make great focal points in outdoor areas and can really draw the rest of your patio and garden together.

Upgrade your patio furniture

When it comes to patio furniture in winter, it’s all about comfort, comfort, comfort. Rattan garden furniture with comfy cushions is what’s going to make your patio cosy this season. Just make sure you remember to get some quality covers in case of rain.

Cushions and throws

To really take the comfort level to the next level, filling your patio with cushions and throws. Thick blankets and cuddly cushions can keep you warm whilst you’re spending time on your cosy patio furniture, meaning the outdoor fun can extend long into the night.

Heated lamps

Not only do heated lamps provide much needed warmth, they can also double up as your light source. To save yourself even more money and to reduce the amount of energy you’re using, try opting for heated lamps that are on a timer.


One of the things that ruins a lovely autumn/winter evening outside is wind. An otherwise mild and pleasant night can feel a couple of degrees colder when the wind hits. Invest in a few windbreakers to close your patio area off and you’ll be able to enjoy a great evening outside. For more help with your patio area, contact us about our patios service in Staffordshire.
Published: October 2017

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