Quick And Easy Maintenance Tips for Your Patio Paving

The right kind of quality patio paving can work wonders for when it comes to complementing your garden, and making your home more visually appealing overall. However, even after your new patio paving has been completed, you still need to make sure it stays looking its best. With this in mind, we’ve got some quick and easy maintenance tips to help you do just that...


It’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll start to see some pesky weeds popping up in your patio paving, especially when you haven’t had the time to properly check on it in a while. Sorting out weeds on your patio is unfortunately a job that never ends, but it’s important to deal with them regularly throughout the year.

Whenever you get a chance, pull up any weeds that have taken root, and make sure you take as much of the root with them as possible. Weed killers can be very useful for keeping weeds at bay, as you can simply spray them to kill them. The two types of weed killer that are most effective are:

  • Contact - which is fast acting and absorbed through the leaves.
  • Systemic - which is slower acting but works its way through the entire plant right down to the root.

Remember to always read the instructions before use, and be sure to keep on top of your weeding if you want to keep your patio paving tidy and free from dirt.

Brushing and sweeping

Overtime, your paving will eventually attract stains and layers of dirt, dust and grime. This is why regularly cleaning it; by brushing and sweeping, is essential for maintaining a consistently attractive look.

Sweeping away any scattered dust, debris, dirt and fallen leaves should be done first, and as often as you can. Once you’ve done this you can then focus on cleaning your paving more thoroughly.

It’s recommended that you use a brush with stiff bristles, and some soapy water to really clean up your paving, giving it a glistening look.

Pressure washing

If you’ve finished brushing and sweeping your patio paving but there’s still some stubborn stains left over, then using a pressure washer can be an effective solution. Pressure washing your patio will give it a much deeper clean, and will be able to remove tough stains from spillages, or even rust stains from metallic patio furniture.

Be careful when using a pressure washer, and make sure you familiarise yourself with the speed and volume of water first, so that you can be confident you’ve got the water jet under control. Use it systematically across the surface of your patio, but avoid direct contact with any joints and don’t focus too long on one spot, as this may cause damage.

If you’re looking to get the perfect paving for your patio but don’t know where to start, then please get in touch with us for a free quotation – we’ll be more than happy to offer you our advice and/or ideas; and work with you to plan and design the best solution.

Published: May 2019

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