What Are the Benefits of Getting Your Driveway Resurfaced?

Driveway resurfacing involves removing or repairing the top layer of the pavement and applying a new layer of surface such as tarmac, bitmac or asphalt. This process brings a number of benefits with it, and we wanted to highlight a few of them for you.

Uplifting your driveway aesthetics

If you need to give your driveway appearance a boost, then resurfacing can really give it a noticeable rejuvenated look. It’s especially beneficial to improve appearances if the surface has become plagued by cracks over time or has faded due to sun exposure. The resurfacing can add a whole new layer to offer a completely fresh aesthetic.

Extending its life-span

By opting to not resurface your driveway, you run the risk of it deteriorating. This may result in you requiring a completely new driveway altogether, much sooner than you planned. Getting your driveway properly resurfaced will contribute towards giving it a longer working life.

Preventing oversealing

Sealing your driveway surface is a necessary process, which involves applying a sealant top coat as a protective layer. Doing this too much though can actually lead to cracks forming on the surface. This is where resurfacing can offer you a more effective alternative, giving you a new layer of surface that can be sealed for further protection.

Creating a rejuvenated appearance

As mentioned, cracks can be one of those things that often plague your driveway surface, and usually they appear as a result of constant use or sun exposure. Choosing to resurface your driveway will help prevent cracks and patching problems, which will add greatly to its aesthetic value.

Saving time and money

If you allow the surface of your driveway to deteriorate, then you could end up needing a costly full replacement, which will also take up a significant amount of time. You can prevent this by opting to resurface your driveway, which would only be a fraction of the cost and would also be completed in a relatively shorter period. If the resurfacing is done right, it’ll help to prevent small cracks and depressions from developing, reducing the cost of any potential repairs down the line.

At Premier Surfacing, we offer a fast, efficient and cost-effective resurfacing service for your driveway.

Published: April 2019

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Anita Hancock