Top Garden Design Trends For 2019

We’ve touched on rising trends every year when it comes to creating a garden space that brings with it a sense of health, happiness and relaxation. However, there’s always some new ideas on the horizon, and we wanted to highlight some of the new top garden trends we’ve seen in 2019...

The preference for low maintenance

The idea that mess and clutter creates stress isn’t just limited to inside the house, it also applies on the outside too. A cluttered and disheveled garden space can leave many homeowners feeling anxious and overwhelmed. As people’s lives get busier, many are looking for more and more ways to simplify their gardens this year.

Messy trees or shrubs that provide no ecological benefits are being removed, and more irrigation systems are being installed to boost efficiency, saves time and conserve water. You could consider choosing gravel pathways with robust edging, and quality stones that won’t require repairs after a short amount of time.

A holiday spot at home

These days many people are lucky to get away on holiday once a year, so they are choosing to create a garden space that makes them feel like they’re on holiday all year round. Instead of waiting in airport queues, and trying to find cheaper package deals, gardeners are enjoying the comfort of their own garden.

Keeping it low maintenance, setting up a comfy lounge space with a fire feature and chairs, installing a weatherproof speaker system for some ambient music, and even using a lighting to bring the outdoor space to life; are all examples of how you can transform your garden into a relaxing, stay at home holiday space.

Smarter lighting

Speaking of lighting, there's often no better way to really set the mood in the garden space. The perfect lighting set up can extend the hours you spend in it, and give you garden that gorgeous glow all year round.

You can experiment with positioning your lights up against trees, which gives an uplight effect and pulls focus onto specifics area of the garden. The lights can also turn that tree into a nice prominent feature. Using certain lighting colours can really give the garden the right atmosphere, such as a warm white light to create a cosy ambience.

Creating a secluded private place

As mindfulness and finding ways to combat anxious thoughts become more of a priority for many people every year, it stands to reason why there are those looking to make small retreats within a larger garden space.

Whether you want to make yourself a dedicated outdoor yoga space, or a spot where you can quieten your mind with some meditation; there are plenty of ways you can grow a secluded sanctuary within your garden. Such as surrounding the space with lush plants, including a simple water feature, using an arbor or pergola to create a sense of overhead enclosure, or building a wall to separate the secluded spot. All are ways to create an ideal private retreat.

Gardening for climate change

Climate change gardening has started to rise this year, as more people look to create more

ecological gardens to cope with the extreme weather conditions experienced by the UK over recent years.

Many garden designs are incorporating planting schemes that are drought-resistant, with gardeners growing less inclined to pamper plants with state-of-the-art irrigation systems when it’s more environmentally responsible to focus on plants that can fend for themselves.

If you’re looking to break up your garden design with some block paving, then contact our paving specialists today to discuss your options.

Published: April 2019

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