How The Elements Can Do Damage to Your Driveway

Your driveway has to deal with a lot, such as heavy vehicles endlessly driving and parking on top of it. However, it’s actually the weather that can play a big part in the potential breakdown of your driveway surface.

Certain elements can cause significant damage to your exposed driveway over time, with cracks and holes soon appearing that will eventually require repairs, or a total driveway replacement.

We wanted to go through some of the more harmful elements that can affect your driveway and how they can lead to damage, so that you can better keep your surface in good condition.

Ice and snow

During the colder months, ice and snow can potentially cause significant damage to your driveway. As it melts, ice and snow can seep into even the smallest cracks and fissures in your driveway surface. Then they can freeze over again in these cracks, before thawing out when the weather heats up. This process leads to the cracks becoming wider and could even see holes develop.


Speaking of the weather heating up; when the sun comes out and the hot days of summer set in, this can leave your driveway surface vulnerable as well. If the hot sun continually beats down on the surface it can eventually cause its colour to fade. And even worse, if your driveway is unsealed and more exposed to the intense heat, it can lead to the surface breaking apart and cracking. Asphalt driveways can be particularly prone to damage in the summer.


Even the earth itself can cause damage to a driveway surface, especially to concrete or asphalt. This is mainly down to soil erosion, which can actually lead to sinking. When the damage is bad enough, a driveway can end up sinking by up to 8 inches. Another contribution to driveway damage can come from underlying root systems, which can create raised and cracked bumps that can make your driveway surface unsafe to even walk on.

There are ways to prevent the elements from damaging your driveway, and one of the best ways is to seal the surface with the right product, while staying on top of a recommended resealing schedule. It also helps to plan any driveway surfacing away from large trees, as these will have extensive root systems, which could lead to premature damage.

At Premier Surfacing, we understand the importance of driveway maintenance, and our highly experienced staff are dedicated to helping you create your dream driveway.

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Published: March 2019

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