Transforming Your Front Lawn into a New Driveway
Being able to park your car outside of your home isn’t easy for everyone. Even if you’ve paid for a permit it’s no guarantee that there will always be a spot on the street. This is why many people opt to transform their front lawn into a brand new driveway. Choosing the right driveway surfacing to create their own space that’s always free to use.  But is converting your front lawn the right option for you? 

What are the benefits? 

Having your own driveway can help to eliminate the stress associated with having to park your vehicle on the road, as well as the expense. And there are various other benefits too, including: 
  • Your vehicle being more secure, with far less chance of another vehicle knocking into it and causing damage such as a clipped wing, which can cost you time and money.
  • The area outside of your driveway will be made exclusively available to you, as no one will be able to park there and block you in. 
  • You’ll add more value to your home, as an attractive driveway can not only enhance the overall aesthetics of your home, it can also increase its sale value due to the demand for parking spaces. 
These are just some of the advantages of having a driveway, and you can read about some more fantastic benefits here

What affects the cost? 

A number of factors can affect how much it will cost you to convert your front lawn, including: 
  • The overall size of the new driveway, the materials you choose to build it with, and the cost of labour.
  • The current state of the lawn and its foundations.
  • The overall design of the new driveway, and whether you need to create a drop kerb, which allows for easy access.
If you want a more accurate idea of just how much your new driveway will cost, you can speak to us for a free quotation - we’ll take into account your exact requirements and budget. There are plenty of different driveway types for you to choose from; whether it’s block paving, concrete, or tarmac - at Premier Surfacing, our experts will help you figure out the most suitable driveway surface.
Published: November 2019

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